How to secure WordPress website from hackers?

WordPress SecuritySecure WordPress website from hackers is a hard work. But WordPress website security is important for every business website owner. Many WordPress website designing company developed the WordPress CMS site but not focus on improve WordPress securities.

Every single week Google because of malware blacklist around 20,000 websites and 50,000 they do phishing. In this guide, You will be getting the top WordPress security steps that help you to scan WordPress site for vulnerabilities and to protect your website from hackers.

WordPress core software is very safe and secure. WordPress security audit perform regularly by numerous WordPress developer. But there still lot of operation you can put with your WordPress website to make it risk free.

Why website security is necessary?

For keeping safe your website security is plays a vital role. It safeguards your business revenue and reputation. Hackers can easily access your business information like passwords, malicious software and they can even distribute malware.

For gaining profit and keep your reputation safe business owner responsibility to safeguard their website.

Each business WordPress website owner or WordPress web designer or developer has following major question arise in their mind regarding  :-

  • How to protect my WordPress  website from hackers?
  • What is the best WordPress security plugin?
  • How to protect WordPress  site from malware?
  • How to secure your WordPress site from hackers?
  • Where can find WordPress security plugin?
  • How to increase security of WordPress  website?
  • How to make website secure?
  • How to prevent WordPress  site from hacking?
  • How to test WordPress  site for vulnerabilities, malware, spam?
  • How to protect WordPress  website?
  • What is the top WordPress  security plugins?
  • How to improve WordPress  security?
  • How to save WordPress  site from hacking?
  • Which is WordPress DDos protection plugin?

So what is the WordPress security steps need to follow to secure the WordPress website?

The solution is to follow following WordPress security tips to keep your WP website secure from hackers.

  1. Keeping your WordPress website, theme and plugin updated: The WordPress web application has to keep update and maintain on a regular basis. They have an update for automatically from WP admin console and also manually. There are a different plugin and themes which support by third-party web developers and get updated. You can also update the theme and plugin from WP administrative area.
  2. Change your admin user name: Change your default admin username to stop the brute force attack.
  3. Disable your Appearance > file editing: After disable file editing no one can edit your theme files from admin console. For stop edition you can write following code in your “wp-config.php: file.
    // Disallow file edit
    define( ‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true );
  4. Strong passwords and user permission: Hacker can easily steal the password. You need to provide some strong password and characteristics must be unique. It must be for the WordPress  area, FTP accounts, database, hosting accounts and also the personal email address.
  5. Keep secure WordPress hosting: This is one type of good shared hosting providers. Please read reviews about secure WP hosting companies and select one of them for your website.  It keeps with them some extra measures to protect websites from common threats. However, this hosting will provide a more secure platform to the websites.
  6. Install a WordPress  backup services or software: For any WordPress  attack, backup is the main thing. The backup will help to quickly restore your data if you have lost it. There are some free and paid plugins. For the safer site, you must take backup regularly. Storing can be Amazon, Dropbox, or any private clouds. You can do the backup as per your convenient. Nowadays easily can be done through these plugin like vaultPress or Backupbuddy.
  7. By installation of WordPress s securities plugins: you need to be install some WP security plugin that can keep your business or blog WP website safe and secure.
  8. Protect Your WordPress Admin Area : You can protect your admin section for your IP address only. You can do this using .htacess or take help of apache or web developer.
  9. Limit login attempts : You may use the Login LockDown plugin to limit the login attempts for admin user.
  10. Change WordPress database prefix : The default database WordPress prefix is WP. You may change it your own prefix from the “wpconfig.php”. The code is as below
    $table_prefix    = = ‘wp_r5466_”
  11. Disable directory browsing and indexing : By the directory browsing hackers are able to view known vulnerabilities files on your hosting server. It is also help in other people about your files and images on your website. It is highly recommended for securities to stop indexing and browsing of directory.  Again you can put .htacess file.
    code that is below to stop indexing.
    Options -Indexes
  12. Logout automatically logged in user after some time : You can use the plugin Idea User logout for sign out of inactive user.

What is the best WordPress  security plugins?

Here the 10 top  WordPress security plugins:

#1. Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening

 Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security HardeningThis plugin can help you in scanning WordPress  malware. It is as a WordPress malware scan plugin and you can use this wp security plugin to scan WordPress  site for spam, vulnerabilities and malware. This has full paid and unpaid version. In unpaid version, major website will be fine, but if you required Sucuri plan then you have to opt for the paid version.


  1. Various version SSL certificates available if you opt for paid packages.
  2. There has customer service facility where they will install chat and email.
  3. If any wrong movement with your WP website instant notification, you will receive.
  4. In some plan advanced DDoS protection includes.
  5. You will get some important tools for blacklist monitoring, malware scanning, file integrity monitoring, security hardening, etc.
  6. This plugin is very helpful in WordPress malware protection.
#2. iThemes Security:

 iThemes Security:Before it was known as WP Security. Through 30 prevent things it will protect the website from hacking and also some unwanted things. The main focus of it’s on the WordPress files vulnerabilities, wp scanner, obsolete software and also weak passwords.


  1. It helps to detect file if it’s got change. It plays an important part because most of the webmaster does not notice file mess-up.
  2. Protection must be very tight and has to be log in with Google reCAPTCHA.
  3. You may set “Away Mode” when you are not making an update.
  4. The plugin detect the WordPress  core files for vulnerabilities or malicious data.
#3. Wordfence Security:

Wordfence SecurityIt is a very popular and powerful WordPress  firewall plugin. It has a good feature like robust login and security incident protection tool.


  1. For smaller website, free version is enough.
  2. Developers can work with multiple site keys through which they can save money.
  3. Full firewall suite like country blocking, manual blocking, brute force protection, and web application firewall.
  4. This plugin flight scan portions are malware, real-time threats, and spam.
#4 WP fail2ban:

WP fail2banThis protects from brute force attacks. It is more effective than other plugins which all are listed above. This document has a login effect. Soft or hard ban option can be implemented.


  1. It is integrated with CloudFlare and proxy servers.
  2. It also helps to prevent spam or malicious things. It also has a knowledge about these.
  3. It will allow you to use shortcode through that you can block users immediately before he completes the login process.
#5. All In One WP Security and Firewall:

All In One WP Security and FirewallIt will provide the easy interface with good customer support. For this, you no need to opt for the premium plan.


  1. It is best wordpress firewall plugin.
  2. This plugin includes a blacklist tool, through this, you can block the user.
  3. For restoring data tools are available.
  4. One graph shows your website strength. Other graph points to other area.
  5. You can keep backup your WordPress .htaccess and .wp-config files and also a option for restore these files on hosting server.
#6. Jetpack:

JetpackThis people familiar Jetpack has a capacity of filling modules for strengthening the social media.


  1. The unpaid plan is only enough for a small website. If you want you can opt for a premium one.
  2. Premium benefits are like backups, spam protection, and security scanning.
  3. All updates are managed and monitored by Jetpack.
#7. SecuPress:

SecuPressIt is a new and growing plugin. Developed by Julio Potier in 2016. Co-founder from WP Media. It has exclusive features in both premium and unpaid version.


  1. It is one of the best plugin and easy to use for the beginner.
  2. In premium version includes faster security check (35 securities in 5 minutes), nice report, also harden your site.
  3. It can change the WordPress  Login URL.
#8. BulletProof Security:

BulletProof SecurityThis plugin has paid and premium version. 30 days money back guarantee is also available. It is user-friendly with unique settings.


  1. It is an advanced security tool.
  2. With the free version, you can maintain a website. The backup facility also available.
  3. It allows you to hide individual plugin folders.
#9. VaultPress:

VaultPressIt provides one types of protection for your website. The premium cost is very affordable. You have an option to choose the plan as per your requirement.


  1. This plugin is easy to understand compared to others.
  2. You can make a manual backup. It will detect the threats.
  3. If you are facing any problem related to restore and backup, experts will help you.
#10. Google Authenticator-

Google AuthenticatorTwo-factor authentication: It has security features which are very easy to install. Because of this, you can go with a plugin called iThemes Security Pro.


  1. It eliminates you login areas vulnerability.
  2. It has two-factor authentication method.
  3. For the authentication process is essential to choose the user type.
  4. For using custom login page it has shortcode.
Fixing a Hacked WordPress  Site

After getting hack the website WordPress  users will know the importance of backup. WordPress  site cleaning is very difficult, for this professional is required. Site hackers use the backdoor to hack the website.

If you have a WordPress  backup plan with your WordPress  hosting services you can restore your business website again. If not please install any WordPress  backup plugin ASAP to keep your files and data.

A professional WordPress security monitoring company like Raghwendra Web Services will help in WordPress security scan and fix the website security and make it safe so that it will not get hacked again. By the help of WordPress security expert,  spam, vulnerability and malware can scan and fix easily save website to not get hacked again. The other companies also provide WordPress support for fixing the security issue of WordPress. For DIY users there are some steps to follow to fixed the hack WordPress  Site.

You need to follow the above WordPress  security steps to secure your WordPress website.