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Top 4 Advantages of Custom WordPress Development Services

Custom WordPress Development
Custom WordPress Development

Custom WordPress Development Services refer to the design and development of a website that is appropriate for the complex necessities of a business that are not attainable with a standard WordPress template. When you are going to create a website on WordPress, you may opt for choosing or buying a ready-made template and for refining it using a plethora of plugins available.


But, sometimes this approach is not suitable for your company or startup due to the complexity of WordPress. Such a website might become too buggy, too unfriendly, or too slow. Meanwhile, a Custom WordPress Development facilitates you to make use of WordPress as the website engine along with avoiding the disadvantages that are listed above.


Given below you can find out some of the custom WordPress websites:


  • Techcrunch
  • BBC America
  • CNN
  • Time Magazine


Benefits of Custom WordPress Development Services


You must be well aware of the benefits of WooCommerce Development Services India that would in turn aid you in making informed decisions about it.


Here, you can find out a checklist of some of those benefits:


  • Platform is secure
  • Easy to Customize
  • Compatibility with SEO Strategies
  • Easy to Maintain


Let’s have a discussion on each of those points:


Custom WordPress Sites are Secure


Custom WordPress websites come with a single core that is handled by a highly skilled and professional security team. You may assume this core is the foundation using which each WordPress-backed platform stands. The security team of the platform has more than 50 experts that include lead developers and security researchers for protecting this core.


Resolving the openness in the PHP XML parser is one of the ways through which the core technology is kept safe. They also establish a collaboration with the community of developers of the platform for finding out potential insecurities.


However, just like any other kind of technology, it is not completely immune to being hacked by hackers. But, you must make sure that your Best WordPress Development Company India is indulged in doing the following:


  • They make use of 2FA plugins for reducing login attempts
  • Add captchas for preventing hacks from bots
  • Install the WordPress security plugin along with checking the malware from your website
  • Make use of SSL for protecting your website visitors when they get connected to your website.


Easy to Customize


The key to building a custom WordPress-based website is to make use of custom fields. These are WordPress-backed features that serve developers with the capability of adding additional data and functionalities as required to the platform. This in turn ensures that the website is tailored to the technical and business necessities of the website owner properly.


Compatibility with SEO


Websites developed on WordPress are the most compatible with search engine optimization contrary to any other technology. The reason behind this is a bit obvious. The market share of WordPress is 43% of all websites.


The reason for the popularity of this platform is that according to official guidelines, both template and custom sites on WordPress are extremely easy for doing optimization for technical and on-site SEO that consists of URL structure, page speed, schema, website navigation, and others.


Easy to Maintain


A custom WordPress website is extremely easy to maintain. In addition to this, the time expended on the maintenance of these sites is also shorter. Because of this, WordPress updates take utmost care of most backend maintenance processes. These websites are relatively cheaper contrary to non-WordPress custom websites when it comes to cost implication.


A custom WordPress site is easy to maintain. Also, the time expended on maintaining these WordPress-based websites is shorter. Because of this reason, WordPress updates take care of most processes related to backend maintenance.