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What is difference between static and dynamic websites?

static and dynamic websites

What is a Static website?

A static site is a web page fixed in its content and code. The designing of website , i.e. created without database design or programming. The content is created in a document and published on a web server. A static website is like a business brochure, and only it does not change. A developer must create new pages to make changes to the information on the page. This type of website is very popular for small businesses. It is an excellent alternative to a CMS-powered site.

What is a Dynamic website?

A dynamic site can be connected to a content management system (CMS) to generate pages on the fly. Instead of spending time on each page of a website, you can change one location, and the navigation will update across all pages.


Is Facebook a static or dynamic website?

Facebook is a dynamic website, meaning that its contents change regularly based on the user’s browser settings.

Is youtube a static or dynamic website?

YouTube is a dynamic website that allows users to engage with it in various ways, including creating an account, posting content, following, and subscribing to videos.

Is Twitter a static or dynamic website?

Your Twitter feeds are based on the people and accounts you follow. Twitter may help you locate tweets by filtering feeds based on public or private lists, excluding feeds that contain particular phrases and assisting you in finding tweets based on your search queries.

Is Wikipedia a static or dynamic website?

Wikibooks, Wikipedia, and blog portals are examples of dynamic websites. They let the server-side use custom templates and actions, such as logging and adding new data.

Is Google a static or dynamic website?

Google returns results based on what the user has typed in. Even though Google is a dynamic website, it encourages site owners to use static parts such as Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Even though Google is a dynamic website, it may have certain static parts.

Is Instagram a static or dynamic website?

Instagram is a social networking website that allows users to share photos and videos. Instagram is a dynamic website since it publishes adverts that alter (dynamically) based on the preferences and requirements of target visitors.

Here below we mentioned some dynamic sites examples:

PHP based Web Application :

A dynamic website development using PHP scripting to create the pages on a website. It parses the code on the server, taking data from database and then sends the resulting HTML to the client’s web browser. For e-commerce sites, dynamic websites can offer features such as shopping carts, calendars, to-do lists, and bulletin boards. A dynamic website will often use PHP to interact with its database. Its design and functionality will help any business succeed in the ecommerce space.

Classified Site:

A dynamic website is a good choice for your online classified ads. While static websites are fine for basic listings, they lack the interactivity and functions of dynamic websites. They are also less flexible because they relied on server-side scripting. These features make it possible to customize your website and give it a unique feel and look. In addition, a dynamic website can easily be updated and customized by the webmaster. A dynamic website uses a database to create a page that is always changing.

Ecommerce Site:

Many websites are dynamic, including social networks, eCommerce solutions, and corporate websites. The difference is in the way they present information to their audience. A dynamic website is more user-friendly and intuitive because it lets you add and edit content without coding. A WordPress website can also be used to create an online store, and WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform for WordPress, allowing you to sell physical and digital goods.

News website:

A dynamic website can be used to do dozens of things. For example, a news website could feature articles throughout the day, covering specific types of news or covering breaking stories worldwide. A dynamic site can also be interactive. A dynamic news website may have many reporters contributing to its content so that readers will follow the latest events and stories from different countries.

CMS website: Custom or WordPress

If you’re considering a website, you need to consider whether you need a CMS or a custom or WordPress dynamic website. Both are dynamic, which means that they can be updated regularly. A dynamic site also has greater flexibility than a static one, so it is easy to make changes to the content if your needs change