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Famous with corporate world, wordpress is all time favorite for a lot of people due to all good reasons. The publishing platform has created a huge follower base who are using it over the years which include us also. So, if you are looking for custom wordpress theme design, look no further than us.

Why custom Wordpress theme design essential?

Custom  wordpress theme allows editing content, images and videos as well as menu set up and widget set up in the website. It gives creative look and elegant feel to the website. It allows differentiation of outlook in home page and inner pages, thus help in creating multiple pages with unique looks. With the help of this theme, you can add social share link and comment set ups on your website’s blog. Not only this, it becomes easy to have SEO friendly theme creation with custom wordpress theme. Moreover, the code of this theme is light and that’s why loading becomes easy thereby helping the website to open quickly. 

Since wordpress is the open source CMS platform today and is the largest content management system in the world, nearly tens and thousands of website owners are using it. Custom wordpress plugins give the publishing platform a serious outlook in the market and gain respect among its fans.

Several reasons why custom wordpress theme design is essential

  • Google loves to explore dynamic sites and wish to gain hands on fresh content every time rather than stale static content being displayed since ages. Regular Blogging adds to the fresh content category.  A wordpress blog is Google friendly and so the more you publish content, higher you will rank.
  • Wordpress development makes it possible to create a simple 3 page website to huge ecommerce website with several thousands of products on display. Some other sites that require mention are portfolios, classified ads, business listings etc. which can be made using this platform.
  • One can gain access to a lot of features and extensions to give the website the desired change as per the needs of visitors.

One of the most happening areas that have been getting lot of attention is mobile theme design. This theme is a default wordpress theme that showcases your content in a way that it becomes easy for mobile visitors to scan your website thoroughly. 

At Raghwendra Web Services, we offer truly unique designs while creating custom wordpress theme. Multiple design drafts are created for the customer to choose from thereby ensuring that each of the customer’s requirements is integrated well with the final version of wordpress.

Implementation of wordpress

Wordpress can be implemented in number of ways. Let’s have a look-

  • Wordpress helps integrate a blog to the existing static website.
  • You can gain access to a wholly new developed and custom designed content managed website with blog.
  • With wordpress, it is possible to convert a static site into wordpress site with blog.
  • You can go on choosing a theme for your website and get the same modified to suit you.

Deliver Fully Mobile Responsive Site using wordpress

You may not be aware of the word-‘responsive website’ but this word is already making ripples throughout the tech world. Your website has to cater to the growing needs of people using internet on devices other than desktop or laptop. Responsive web design allows for optimized view of your website across all devices regardless of scree size or orientation. Would you like to create responsive website? Please contact web designer like us.

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