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WORDPRESS and DRUPAL CMS – What is the difference??

Differences between Drupal and WordPress by raghwendra

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free web software by using which we can create beautiful websites application or blogs. WordPress development can be done by the users itself. There is no need of WordPress developer unlike in Drupal.

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a free and open source framework which is written in PHP using symphony and it requires the help of Drupal website developer. Drupal borrows symphony which is a PHP framework to reduce duplication of code in PHP projects. Recently Drupal 8 developers are also on demand.

 Who all can use Drupal?

  • Anyone who is interested to learn Drupal
  • It professionals who wish to design web apps.
  • Entrepreneurs who use web apps.
  • Developers who wish to learn Drupal.
  • Managers who use web apps.
  • Technical architects, professionals, media professionals, content management professionals, QA, testing and quality professionals and graphical professionals.

What is similarities of Drupal and WordPress?

  • Both WordPress and Drupal are used as Content management system. If there is a requirement for an open source and user friendly solution to the CMS needs, either of the two platform is fine.
  • Both platforms have their significant importance in the world of online CMS Solutions.
  • Both are open source solutions which are free to use and are affordable for specific needs.

What is the differences between Drupal and WordPress?


Initial investment for the WordPress platform is free. Further for domain registration, hosting and any added premium themes, plugins, added security might cost. Total cost depends on the customization of the website. But generally initial cost will be less than that of Drupal whereas for Drupal, initial investments along with the developer charges and web development charges will be comparatively high but the advantage is if the requirements are continuously changing and is evolving constantly, money can be saved by using Drupal.

Learning curve:

WordPress is user friendly and very easy whereas Drupal is suitable only for non-beginners. In WordPress, just by knowing the new user interfaces, menus, options, one can look and feel the website whereas Drupal requires some basics of HTML, CSS and PHP. In other words, if the client is looking for a platform to manage the website without any technical knowledge, then WordPress is a better option. If the client is looking for complex web sites, then Drupal is a better option.


WordPress offers a very high number of themes with added plugins for functionality. Customization can be done by all users in each levels whereas in Drupal themes often requires customizations with the help of professional web developer.


Drupal wins the security battle which is because of user habits and mistakes which is more commonly seen in WordPress users. Whereas Drupal does not use third party extensions by default due to which it is less susceptible to security issues.

Finally to help you to make your decisions, there are few points to remember.
  • If you are looking for a low cost investment then go for WordPress cms.
  • If you are looking for a fastest set up then go for WordPress.
  • If you are looking for a robust and complex solution then go for Drupal.

By raghwendra

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