Google – know about mobile first indexing and SEO affect!

Google has started testing its mobile first index, which will fundamentally look at the mobile version of your site for its ranking signals and fall back on the desktop form when there is no mobile version. This was expected at least a year ago, but now Google has officially posted their insights in which they had told that their ranking is now done on the basis of the mobile version. Google clarified that it sees more mobile requests than desktop searches every day. Currently, when they analyze the page’s ranking in Google it is done through the desktop version. This is a problem that Google is facing now a days. Customers using the mobile search are disappointed as they do not see mobile friendly sits on top rankings.… Read More

Matt Cutts Officially Steps Down From Google

The former head of search quality at Google, Matt Cutts, has declared that he finally resigned officially from Google as of 31st December 2016. His final decision was to stay on with the US digital service and thus has been even appointed as the Director of Engineering for that Governmental Department as well. At first in 2014, Matt Cutts went on leave and he was determined about his leave extension shortly thereafter. After that, an unnamed Googler replaced him in his job in 2015. Then, he declared that he was still on leave with Google. He began working with the US Digital Service team in mid-2016 and he actually enjoyed it very much and so he thought of making it official. Well, now he is no more on leave with Google as… Read More

Explore in Detail about SEO-Friendly eCommerce Website Pagination

Pagination is the procedure of separating digital or print content into multiple pages. Many websites get benefitted with this process in terms of eCommerce website design. Let’s have a detailed discussion on this process regarding what issues it results, solutions of those issues and the right time of using pagination. Just read on: What issues result from Pagination? Here two prime issues can be considered while using pagination: 1. Problem of content duplicity: While using pagination, generally many pages possibly get same content, Meta title and Meta description.At the time it happens, Googlebot may cross over the pages which must return to the search queries. 2. Googlebot’s crawling issue: Depending… Read More

90 minutes work + 15 minutes break = Productivity

If anyone ask you to work for let’s say 4 hours continuously, you probably won’t go for it. Because it’s not about working for 4 hours, it’s about maintaining the continuity till that time. And we can lose our efficiency if we think of doing it. This is something you can’t expect from humans as they are not machines. As a Freelance Web Developer if you are working for too long without stopping, it can result in completion of the task but it will not guarantee your work’s productivity. Talking about productivity, it can only come when your brain is not stressed and you are not feeling fatigue at the same time. If you’re stressed then you may lose your focus, or your brain may trigger some negative thoughts,… Read More

The Trendy News of Magento & eCommerce website design world

Do you have the latest information regarding the world of Magento and eCommerce website design? If not, then just read this post as we’ll discuss the hottest news of these worlds. Magento 2.1 Website Development: There are many reasons for which Magento is always a preferred option for eCommerce website services. And this time, its upgrade has given us more features which are beyond our expectation. Efficient developers’ team has upgraded Magento from 1.x to 2.x, the Enterprise Edition that provides lots of features that are useful for both consumers and retailers for using the eCommerce websites. The features are as follows: Staging & Preview: This feature enables scheduling and previewing updates… Read More

WordPress – Forthcoming WordCamp Conference

WordPress is a free and open source platform which allows fast and simple app, blog or website development. At present, it is powering over 25% of the web. Hundreds of community volunteers have built the core software and when you are prepared for more, there are thousands of themes and plugins are also available to modify your website into almost every possible thing you can imagine. The users of WordPress range from individual business owners and authors to big enterprises and companies such as Forbes, General Motors and The National Football League. In order to discuss the strength of WordPress and the forthcoming WordCamp Cincinnati conference, Focus 5 Design owner and Creative Director, Patrick McGilvray;… Read More

vulnerability / Security – WordPress Warns Users to Update 4.6.1

Recently, Google Webmaster has received a warning from WordPress for updating their Content Management System packages as soon as possible so that they can safeguard their domains from complicated WordPress vulnerabilities. Back on Thursday, September 8, the CMS provider launched a security advisory along with the most recent WordPress version, 4.6.1. Presently available, the update fixes two serious issues related to WordPress securities, a path traversal security bug and a cross-site scripting flaw. Back in July, Cengiz Han, SumOfPwn researcher discovered the XSS vulnerability at the bug bounty project of the Summer of Pwnage, which lets hackers use a crafted image file, inject vulnerable JavaScript… Read More

Sharing shortened URL on social media- Pros and Cons

It really gives me immense pleasure discussing about this amazing service- URL Shortening. Talking about technology, there is not even an inch of doubt where we have reached today with the help of different service providers like and Social media marketing is also looking positive for shortening URL approach that has been taken to tackle with huge URLs. And from past few years URL shortening services are getting appreciated and are really helping people in getting rid of those lengthy URLs. So you need to worry while sharing your links among your friends, or referring it on your social networking sites. How to create a friendly URL? Open or from your browser. Copy and paste… Read More

More Than 10,000 WordPress websites Being Exploited Due to Vulnerability

An increasing number of WordPress installations have been adjusted by hackers exploiting a security flaw in a largely used plugin named WP Mobile Detector, warned security experts at Sucuri. The Plugin Vulnerabilities team first unveiled the worrisome news that the WP Mobile Detector plugin contains thezero-day vulnerability. However, the hackers basically exploited the issue in the plugin for the installation of porn-related spamming scripts, reported by the researchers at Sucuri. After unveiling the vulnerability, the plugin has been removed from the official WP plugin directory. This WordPress vulnerability was first publicly unveiled on 31st May although it was first seen on 27th May and after… Read More

Avoid Freelance Burnout: 10 Tips for Web Designers

Although freelancing gives lots of work opportunity, in reality, the full-time freelance web designers experience lots of stress and burnout in their work regularly. Here find some guidelines which must be followed for avoiding burnout and to maintain an effective and productive work procedure while still getting a life outside of your work schedule. Are you a Freelance Web Designer? If you are a successful freelancer in the field of web designing, you must know that freelancing requires a balancing between home and work life. If you are unable to do it, you will become overloaded with work. Making money is not only an important purpose of freelancing; you also need to learn something new with every project.… Read More

SEO Mistakes to be kept in mind: Google hates 18 types of Backlinks

It is always an attempt to improve the websites SEO with whatever condition. Backlinks are nothing but a link which one website gets from another, making the website more prone to prominence and availability on the search engine result. As a result backlinks play an important role in enhancing the websites SEO ranking. Certain things should be kept in mind about backlinks including the reference to links which are spam in nature, which may lead Google to enforce penalty. List of SEO Mistakes to keep in mind to avoid penalty Link exchange program Link exchanging is nothing but a mutual relationship between two websites fetching more number of visitors on a daily basis. It includes placing another sites link on one’s… Read More

Being an Early Bird or a Night Owl May Affect a Freelance Web Developer’s Productivity

According to studies, whether you are an early bird or a night owl is completely genetic. However, we still have the question like is it really matter waking up early or sleeping late? Is the productivity of a freelance web developer really depending on the internal clock? Though research says that early birds are the more productive persons, our confusion is still not clear. So, let’s have a discussion on this topic to get the best answer for us. Studies say that we don’t need to strive to wake up early or sleep late. In fact, we should optimize our working procedures so that we can manage the phase where our productivity is not high. Still there are many productive advantages of being an early riser. Chronotypes:Read More