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When we need to gather knowledge about anything, we don’t open our laptops nowadays- we quickly browse through mobile phones. Let’s face it- it’s handy, easy-to-access and easy-to-carry-around and a quick-pick, for sure! So, when you suggest your website to another person, you can expect around 50% of times, it will be opened on a mobile. That's why it is necessary for your website to have accelerated mobile pages wordpress.

Do you know AMP pages should be less then 50KB or less? This is mandatory by core AMP requirements.

AMP or accelerated mobile pages is just the right step to brush up the speed of mobile web. Google being the patron of this initiative, AMP also helps substantially in improving the performance of your website. We have a team of experts providing AMP development services at a pocket-friendly budget.

What is AMP Development?

Google AMP is a platform for open-source partnership across different industries for faster mobile web. This helps the web pages to load faster on a mobile device and reduces bounce rate. AMP service helps the mobile pages to load four times faster yet uses around 10 times less data.

This initiative has made sure that loading time is reduced to the extent of instant loading, improving the website’s user experience and search engine ranking.

Does AMP Development Help Your Website?

Most online publishers do not realize that they are losing out on mobile traffic. Nearly 30% of smartphone traffic switches sites if the webpage take too long to load. Accelerated mobile pages should ideally load in .2 seconds while a regular page takes nearly 1.4 seconds to load. So, this means amp-enabled mobile pages help retain your mobile traffic.

AMP development also offers a landing page designed to enhance the clicking experience of a user by speeding up the loading process. In these landing pages, the URLs of these pages are pre-loaded by using AMP html protocol.

The main aim of availing amp services is to make your website ready for effective ad monetization on mobile web- yet the process involves a user-centric approach that works out a win-win situation!

What we offer in our AMP services:

To give you a perfectly accelerated mobile web page, there are different components that we render our service to.


This takes care of JavasScript frameworks in a mobile device. It promotes synchronous loading by managing the existing page resources.


This works on the markup language on your phone. Anybody who knows html coding can convert the existing pages to amp html.


This content delivery network helps to cache your amp web pages and performs automatic performance optimization.

How to Test Your AMP Pages on Google?

You can always test run your pages on and find out whether your website is amp-enabled or not. The process is simple- just put your web address and run a test. The test will automatically show you whether your pages are amp-enabled. If they are not valid, no worries- we will provide you wordpress websites with amp wordpress theme.

Such amp wordpress themes are customized and make your website update-proof; as in even if you upgrade the existing amp or WordPress plugin in the future, the theme will remain constant.

We follow the Google guideline for amp validity. All the components of your website will have wordpess amp plugin to make it entirely ready for speed optimization in mobile web.


  • "It was fantastic working with Raghwendra Web Services! I did not understand website speed optimization and they gave me the knowledge. Then they brushed my website with their magic and now- it has great performance, loads of traffic and sales is higher! They also do Google AMP for my website to open speedily on mobile and smart phones.!" - Miraj Silva
  • "I had been struggling with the poor loading time with my website, especially because it is image heavy. I took Raghwendra website speed optimization & Google AMP services and things became better, substantially better. Thank you" - Priya Florence Shah

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