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What is index Coverage issues and how to fix for your wordpress website?

Adding of web pages into google search is called indexing. Google will crawl and the pages and files will be indexed. Google may remove the sites from its index and search results if it believes that the sites are not reliable if the sites do not meet the google standards.

What is index coverage issue?

  • If the google search console identifies that the website is affected by an index coverage issue, this means that the index coverage is negatively affecting the google search results.
  • Index coverage is a report that will offer tips for fixing the issues when there are errors which prevent the page from being indexed.

Googlebot indexing wordpress core files. Thus googlebot trying to find the following url 


/wp-content/themes/xxx/pages.php file


But most web server often throws 500 Internal Server Error for your wordpress Installation.  So you first check  the google webmaster search console and look for the index coverage issues and number of pages impacted. For this google sending message to inform.

How to fix the 5xx server error?

  • Check your xml sitemap It may produce some wrong URL.
  • Stop indexing the folder that doesn’t required by Googlebot. You may do this using robots.txt or htaccess file. The coding sample as below
    • For robots.txt file
      User-agent: Googlebot
      Disallow: /foldername/*
    • For Htacess
      <IfModule mod_autoindex.c>
      Options -Indexes
  • You may go to google search console feature fetch as google for verifying your web page.

What is Soft 404?

If the submitted URL seems to be Soft 404, it means that the URL on the site returns a page which tells that the page does not exist. These errors can harm the SEO ranking. Search engines don’t get linked to the content that no longer exists. They send the signal about the content quality and the respective URL‘s will be removed by the Google.

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