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What is Node.js Technology and its benefits in development?


In this recent era, Node.js is very popular and quick to develop the technology. Now the question is what this Node.js is? What is its need, advantages and also disadvantages?


Node.js Technology

Node.js technology allows to execute server-side code which is available in JavaScript, and moreover, this is a programming platform. In the browser, language-using has a limitation, so the individual needs to provide security for use. In this scenario, all activities have to be done through DOM-manipulation and asynchronous page. From “browser” technology to Node.js come in new perspectives. Learn here  Node.js download and install


Characteristics of Node.js:

  1. It is V8 engine based, use in google chrome browser from Google, mainly frame for JavaScript execution.
  1. It is usable for both Windows and POSIX-based system. Linux, Mac OS X, and Unix, networks are included in the POSIX-based system.
  1. Now in this technology long program work can be done possibly.
  2. Log program can be executed. It also allows for achieving high capacity.
  3. Sometimes event needs time to execute because Node.js has limited 1 GiB memory and it is a V8 engine. This situation is also called as a historical burden from the browser.

Advantages and use of the Node.js:

Chat: It is a real-time application in which messaging chat application is the updated version. It has the best features like multiple users, large traffic, exceptional data, running across devices and much more. By chatting time, it will cover paradigms.

Data streaming: Data streaming in Node.js create the main positive features. It will also help to process file like audio, video encoding by the time of upload.

Monitoring dashboard: it will help to monitor the dashboard by collect real-time data, website visitors, visualization, etc. Through this, anyone can get to know what is happening instantly.

Executable application: There are some rules has to follow because of for providing high capacity. It makes sure that all actions to apply, maintain high capacity and should not be overloaded.

5 facts to know about Node.js Development:

Node.js is an open source web application. This service is specially executed in JavaScript. Why is this a most preferred platform for mobile application development?

There are five facts of Node.js Development. Those are discussed below:

  1. JavaScript Rules the Development: JavaScript is the favorite programming language and in this popular language is GitHub. It can operate multiple operating systems together compare to others like Python and Ruby language.
  1. Powered by Google Chrome: It is power by the Google V8 engine. The backend work operates by Node.js. Google made one advanced Javascript which is fastest and dynamic.
  1. Node Package Manager Works Broadly: Node ecosystem is simple and has a reliable package management system. This Node package manager powers several PaaS providers.
  1. Reinforced by JSON: JSON has an accessible format, and it is a pillar of JavaScript. It is straightforward and builds APIs.
  1. Sharing Is Encourages: It shares code package easily, technically and legally. In this recent era, Node.js development has become famous, and it is easy to operate. It also creates APIs and new matrix.

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