How to Become a Full Stack Web Developer?

A Full Stack Web Developer is the person who has knowledge regarding the areas such as Coding, version control system, databases, website speed, repository among others to work on both the back-end as well as the front-end portions of a web application.
There are various skills which are required for a Full Stack Web Developer that ranges across multiple fields. Below mentioned are the some of the most important fields:

  1. Front-end development
    A Full Stack Web Developer within the front-end development field is required to deal with the parts of the application that the users can see as well as interact with. The technologies in which the developer
    needs to have expertise in, are:
    a) React.Js – React.Js is an open-source library of JavaScript utilised to for building interfaces for the user especially for the mobile and web applications like Instagram, Uber etc. It also helps the developer to create components for the UI which can be reused.
    b) Angular.Js – AngularJS is a structural JS framework for building web applications which are dynamic in nature and uses HTML as the primary language for template. It also uses the basic HTML syntax for expressing the components of the application clearly.
    c) Vue.Js – Vue.js is an important software technology within the JS framework, that is being constantly used by the front-end developers to make the applicationsc) Vue.Js – Vue.js is an important software technology within the JS framework, that is being constantly used by the front-end developers to make the applications look more attractive and user-friendly as well as helps to make the application a lot faster.
    d) Next.Js – Next.js is another JS framework which lets the developer to build the static web applications such as various news applications and food applications, as well as helps to build the server-side
  2. Back-end development
    Developer in this field handles the various back-end operations such as database operations, application logic as well as user authentication. Main languages used by the developers include:
    a) Node.Js – This is an open-source JS framework which contains a built-in library for allowing applications to run as a web server without utilising external software such as IIS or Apache HTTP server.
    b) Ruby on Rails – This is a popular web application framework used by most of the tech companies including Airbnb, Amazon and Bloomberg among others. It is an open-source framework and uses Ruby programming language.
    c) PHP – PHP is the scripting language for the server-side development and is pre-installed in numerous hosting sites. This framework makes the applications more supple and instinctive.
    d) Laravel – it is one of the most popular PHP frameworks which can be used for basic scripting as well as developing vast enterprise applications.

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