Choose digital marketing as your career in 2020

Choose good career opportunity with digital marketing in India in 2020.  

During the last days of my school, I was in confusion on what to choose as my career, for there was multitude of career options from engineering to medical, chartered accountant to management trainee. Every field has its uniqueness and some salient features that are capable of leading someone to a world of vision.

However, when I came across to open forum, a collaborative website, developed by American Express where guest authors from a variety of sectors come to share wisdom and knowledge, my interest on digital marketing started growing gradually.

From there on, I never looked back and chose digital marketing as my career. Let me share some of the advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing with you so that you can get an idea on what it is and why should you choose it as a career.

How much beneficial digital marketing for business people?

Digital marketing has the primary aim of improving a business’s digital presence and is useful for helping a brand in reaching multiple outlets. If you are a professional marketing manager, you will get substantial aid from the digital marketing activities.

  • It will help you in creating contents like whitepapers, blog posts, e-books, email, newsletter and social media campaigns
  • You can enhance your creativity in business. You can feature images, engage photos, charts and info graphics within the digital landscape
  • You can easily set up your targets, goals, detect the KPIs and develop the conversion funnels

Wanna get your startup off the ground: Employ digital marketing

Be a freelancer or entrepreneur, you need to know the process of developing corporate identity. In case of small and medium sized organizations, the success of a brand depends upon effective and successful marketing strategies.

Professional marketers can use digital marketing strategies for identifying the target market and developing the strategy depending upon specific services and products. This can be useful for all the businesses that look for sustained growth and establishment of dominance within the marketplace.

Becoming a professional digital marketer can give you different advantages. It can help you improving the business flexibility and aiding organizations in improving professional services and products.

Keep in the mind the negative aspects

Most of the business organizations encounter structural problem with digital marketing. Everyone gets the opportunity of offering marketing services in these days. There is no requirement of training programs or certification courses. Even a teen gets the scope of providing services related to social media marketing without having the proper experience or background.

Management of the actionable is another problem. Only the growth of followers and number of blog spots will not be effective for your business.

If I give the example of traditional digital sale, there is a requirement of three factors to form the business structure. These include conversion rate, cost, and traffic.

  • Traffic that cannot identify the proper audience can reduce the rate of conversion
  • The total number of experienced digital marketers is very small.
  • Standardization problems cause chaotic digital space

Normal Incomes for Digital Marketers around the World

Although the skills gap and the demand for digital marketers compared to the number of specialists available for the jobs is equal around the world, the average salaries of digital marketing specialists vary between countries.

The yearly average income of digital marketing experts varies between countries i.e. as below:

  • Canada: C$50,101
  • India: Rs 304 ,854
  • Philippines: PHP 310 ,851
  • United Kingdom: £33,3 36
  • Australia: $78,716
  • Ireland: €40,624
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