WordPress 5.0 “Bebo” released; ‘Gutenberg’ wins developers hearts

WordPress 5.0 ‘Bebo’ takes the web by the storm; ‘Gutenberg’ wins millions of WordPress developers hearts

If you are the WordPress developers of the world thought that it was cool to develop websites with WordPress layouts, you are in for a bigger surprise! WordPress 5.0 makes a thumping arrival with new default themes, amazing block-based editor and developer features. This blog management tool has incorporated “big upgrades” in its latest version.

As a CMS (Content Management System), WordPress generally powers over 30% of the online world. This 5.0 version is being called ‘Bebo’, paying homage to the Cuban musician Bebo Valdes.

The New Features: The major change that catches every eye is the new ‘Gutenberg’ editor which is block-based editor making live editing and a plethora of other features possible. This makes working with WordPress simpler than it was before.

Matt Mullenweg, the lead of WordPress 5.0 development team, clarifies, “Our overall goal is to simplify the first-time user experience of WordPress.” The world responds positively to this- a demarcation of their success, indeed! The new WordPress avatar gives the smoothest experience to people who are facing WordPress for the first time; and on top of that, it’s also a developer’s joy basket! Gutenberg editor has simply transformed the developing experience into the ‘easy mode’ with a lot more features than before.

So, now when you sit in front of a WordPress screen, you will have a streamlined block-based editing experience with

  • Theme
  • Option for inserting media
  • Plugins

This version of WordPress also appreciates the beauty of white space aesthetically and merges the modern sans-serif headlines and classis sans-serif body texts and system fonts beautifully with it. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it also increase the loading speed of the website.
This is 2019 version of WordPress 5.0 and it is already trending in the world of web. There is hope for the next version WordPress 5.1 to release in a few months, even though Mullenweg and team did not mention it.


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