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Emerging Technologies AI, to Put an End to Workplace Harassment

Remember the scene from ‘Blade Runner 2049’ where K is sitting in front of an AI investigator and taking the baseline test? No matter what emotion that shot invokes, it explains that AI is always fair to judge the attributes of a human or another AI. The emerging technologies like advanced AI is leading us towards a similar future in a few years.

The positive contribution of this phenomenon is that it will deconstruct the discrimination mechanisms and put an end to workplace harassment. The endeavour to omit pay gaps and biases which continue to exist across various sectors against particular sex, particular gender, people of particular skin colour, differently abled people and people who otherwise do not conform to the socially accepted parameters of ‘normalcy’ might see positive outcomes with the help of AI application.


The global trends in 2019 is inclined towards using AIs to monitor employees with a special focus on eliminating bias, discriminations and frauds against ‘targeted’ people. AI is expected to crunch data to eliminate pay gaps and increase transparency in promotions and wages. Using natural language processing, AI can scan email for inappropriate words and phrases and identify people who are making troubles.

AI can also be leveraged for its voice recognition ability and create a graph as to who is speaking the most in the meeting room and whose contributions are the most fruitful. Not only this, it can also identify who is remaining silent, interrupted too often or being ignored.

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These different bias recognition tools and innovative use of AI can focus a lot on singling out those people who are facing discrimination and create a better environment for them to work in. AI will also allow the company to assess problems and queries raised by anonymous sources and offer solutions to make the work environment more employee-friendly.

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