Location : Düsseldorf, Germany 

Client's Brief:

Client's asked to developed a custom PHP web application for the following steps.

Step 1: Scan a barcode on the delivery note
> All items / articles are fetched from the billbee api and listed
Step 2: Then a barcode (corresponds to an ean) is scanned on a product and the agreement between the ean and the ean on the order is checked
> Step 2 is repeated until all items in an order are checked & ok (marked in green)
The application is used for picking from the warehouse and for packing (each order is checked twice) ... There must be 2 variants of the application:

Variant 1: Pick
If all articles of an order are checked & ok, after 1 sec. directed back to the 1st page / step 1 to scan the next delivery note

Variant 2: Pack
If all articles of an order are checked & ok, the following will be done:
a. Generate a DHL order via the BillBee API (let's try, otherwise through the DHL-API),
b. the tracking number entered in BillBee,
c. the DHL label is called up and sent to a label printer (Firefox),
d. the status of the order changed to "shipped" and
e. after 1 sec. directed back to the 1st page / step 1

Our Role:
- Understanding the requirements via zoom call and quote to client
- Developed human interactive application using Laravel Framework - Developed the process of someone scanning an order printed delivery notes barcode using barcode reader then sends requests to the Billbee API and shows the list of products of scanned order via barcode scanner , next user again scans the barcode of the product label and shows the matched or not.
- And in last generating shipping request and updating order status
- Hosted the application