What is Online Content Management System?

Are you going to set up a website? Or just want to have a blog of your own? Then you just have to purchase hosting and install a Content Management System and there you are, having a website that looks entirely finished and displays the content you wish to share with the audience.

A lot of ways exist when it comes to online content management system and these can help you in inserting gallery of images to advertising your services.

Some of the common CMS that exist in today’s world are:-

  1. WordPress– This is the most accessible and widely used CMS. WordPress ranks top among all CMS due to its quick installation as well as massive user and developer community. In fact, there are a lot of plugins and enhancements for the platform that makes it easy for the user base to enjoy the facilities. Since it has a vast template library with easy PHP and CSS file editing with admin screen, is the reason why wordpress is used for each and everything like blogs to websites.
  2. Joomla– Due to its customizable function that suits any purpose, Joomla is regarded as the most adopted online CMS that helps build any kind of website. The admin section of Joomla is effective and efficient as it has so many templates, content blocks and menu management tools which makes this CMS a popular one among most professional developers.
  3. Drupal– It is an open source CMS that is mostly popular when it comes to building a website. It has several tools and this CMS can be used both for making personal blogs to mega sites of corporate world. In fact, it has thousands of modules that can be added to raise the functionality level.


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