What is CakePHP?

A free and open source framework for PHP, Cake PHP is the basic structure for programmers in order to create web applications. The main goal behind this framework is to get you started with the work in a more structured rapid manner without any loss of flexibility.

Cake PHP diminishes the monotony of web development as it offers the tools to start coding when you really need to get it done. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel whenever you sit down for a new project as a copy of Cake PHP will help you start with the project.

The main things that are there in this architecture are:-

  1. Model
  2. View
  3. Controller

The model keeps interacting with the database. View manages the layout of the web page as well as design of the website while controller takes hold of the function of model and view through managing every command taken from user. Overall, it is called as MVC architecture.

Cake PHP brings great value to the projects as it means that your application’s core is well tested and improving at a constant rate.

The lists of features of Cake PHP are:-

  1. Code generation
  2. Flexible Licensing
  3. Compatible with PHP4 and PHP 5
  4. Application scaffolding
  5. Active and friendly community
  6. MVC architecture
  7. Fast and flexible templating
  8. Built in validation
  9. Data Sanitization
  10. Localization

The following are the tools that you will need to use Cake PHP:-

  1. Web server- In order to run web applications, a web server like Apache is needed.
  2. Database Server- MySql server is needed so as to create and manage databse.
  3. PHP knowledge- It is essential for you to know the basics of PHP.
  4. Knowledge of MVC pattern-It is essential that you need to know programming pattern of MVC.






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