Browser compatibility

You must have used different browsers for opening different websites and must have noticed that the same websites look different depending on which browser you are using. This can be attributed to the fact that page displays vary according to browser compatibility.

Browser Compatibility refers to the ability of web browser to interpret hypertext markup language that renders web pages.

HTML is a kind of coding language understood by every web browser in a different way. If you are a web designer then your main task will be to create the codes for the website for attaining maximum browser compatibility in a way that the pages look apt in other browsers as well such as Firefox, Opera and Netscape and text based browsers.

Browser compatibility allows headaches for web masters. The old browsers do not understand the new code, so the new popular scripting language is being used to create flashy web designs. There are several people who, for security reasons, disable scripting language in their web browsers, thereby decreasing the capability of the browser.

Apart from difference in browsers, yet another crucial factor playing into browser compatibility is whether the surfer is making use of PC and Windows, Mac computer or Linux. This is because the same browser will open differently in each of the different platforms.

Majority of the time, the surfers keep two browsers open and keep switching between them and that’s why most of the people simply click away from a site if it is not opening.


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