The relationship between Parallax Scrolling and SEO- Ins and Outs!

parallexParallax Scrolling, as the name defines, is the most happening trend which is doing rounds in web designing world, these days. The origin of Parallax Scrolling goes back to the time of video gaming industry when the industry experts used the technique of special effects to make the audience get acquainted with the illusion of depth. In this technique, the background images move at a lower speed than the foreground images by a camera. This technique defines Parallax Scrolling.

The web designers and developers throughout the world always keep themselves engaged in exploring new and improved means to give a better look and feel to the websites before the audience at large. The engaging visuals created using this technique will take a person to a whole new world in which he will be lost totally. Parallax Scrolling is a new and improved way of making use of images in the website to attract more and more traffic towards the website and appeal the end user.

This technique comes with several advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of Parallax Scrolling Technique

  1. It attracts viewers to acclaim the page depth and animation
  2. The end user can navigate the website easily and is sure to like its story telling approach
  3. The technique encourages more and more number of page visits as the page visits last longer by giving the visitor to scroll down the entire page.
  4. The technique will ensure a sense of curiosity among the audience at large.
  5. It enhances the overall credibility of the website due to the presence of interactive and innovative view

Disadvantages for SEO of Parallax Scrolling Technique

Despite several advantages, there are many drawbacks with this technique. Since Parallax scrolling uses only one long page to scroll, the website cannot be said SEO friendly.

Here are some other disadvantages of using this technique-

  1. Since there is only one web page, it means that there will be only one meta description, one H1 tag and one URL which won’t allow Google to crawl the webpage.
  2. Since there will be so many images on the web page, the website will actually take a longer time than usual to open up. This can cause a lot of frustration to the end user and he will leave the page even before seeing it.
  3. The web page designed using Parallax scrolling technique cannot be said to be compatible with responsive and mobile design.
  4. There is no page interlinking throughout the website.


After learning about the ins and outs of Parallax Scrolling, we must ascertain whether this technique is favorable or unfavorable for usage by web designers. While some SEO experts are of the opinion that Parallax Scrolling harms the site SEO, there are some who don’t think it in the similar way.

However, the fact that it is a one page website means that you can optimize it for only one keyword. It means that only one product can be promoted which restricts your marketing effort and is generally conceived as a bad option.

But, if you have decided to hook on to using this technique, then you must keep vigil on the audience’s reaction on the changes made in your site. After all, it is the user who has to give a thumbs up or thumbs down to the overall look and appeal of the website.

Thus, as a web designer, it depends on the requirements of a business in question whether to adopt this technique or not.