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The History of Freelance

freelancerThe word ‘Freelance’ was originally derived from two separate words ‘free’ and ‘lance’, indicating independent workers and weapons used by them. A thorough scan of internet unveils several brief articles regarding the history of word freelance and they all seems to be in accord that the first use of this term comes from the book called Ivanhoe, which is written by Sir Walter Scott. His writes shows us that he had offered Richard the work of free lances and he failed to accept them. The curious thing to note down here though, is most people claim Ivanhoe as the first use of the word, only cited Wikipedia entry for the term freelance.

Benefits of doing freelance in web development

Freelance web designer is a professional who does work from home. He is neither a full or part time employee of a company. Freelancer does a home based service and is relatively cheaper. He delivers short term works to people in return of money. Several great benefits associated with hiring the service of freelancer,

  • The cost is reduced while comparing to that of full time employee. They charge few as they don’t experience overhead costs, since they work from the comfort of their home.
  • Clients can easily get their jobs done from a freelancer at a faster rate and importantly, the job is done precisely and appropriately.
  • The other benefit is that freelancers are easily available across the internet. Freelancers implement constant creativity as well as imagination at their work, to offer it a complete touch.
  • This particular field of freelancing has progressed greatly such that even the fill time designers have made themselves as freelancers, so as to make more money.
  • You are liberal to choose how and when you wish to work
  • You may work on the things that you love doing and you are not under anyone’s control
  • You are almost left with unlimited opportunities to explore
  • You will feel ease to deal with real world hassles

Why some people not like to become freelance web developer?

Though freelancing is preferable by some part of people, the other part of the people are not favoring for it. It is because,

  • While freelancing brings some notable benefit, it is not suggested to completely base one’s employment decision only on those perks.
  • Freelancing is the best kind of work; however it is also the most demanding and hardest job ever.
  • It would be frustrating at time as you have nobody else to share your business duties with.
  • If you are a freelancer, you will actually have less free time than when you were working in a regular 9 to 5 job. The major reasons are procrastinating and over scheduling.
  • It will take time to schedule your work properly, however even then it is not possible to assume whether a client is going to have changes at the last minute or a rush project.
  • Freelancers may even have to work at weekends and nights.
  • You will start hate working with the people at the end
  • Your mind will prefer spending the day with your children
  • You will sleep in the whole day and have to leave work early
  • You will not have boss to guide or direct you.


Doing freelancing work is not as easy as one may think. It involves more difficulty and consumes more time to research for good clients with proper project. One should be talented enough to come across a reputed client with good web development project and ready to pay the freelancer with considerable charges.

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