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SEO Mobile – Is there a way to accelerate mobile pages?


Since more and more people are accessing the website from mobile devices, it’s imperative to optimize your website for mobile. This is one of the first things you need to focus on when you work with a web design firm! Thankfully, a new technology from Google allows sites to finally receive faster speeds, and that tech is called Accelerated Mobile Pages!

What is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)?mobile seo raghwendra web services

This is a dedicated project backed by Google, and it’s designed to be used as the open standard for all web designers that want to loan mobile pages very fast. Since Google officially added AMP listings in the mobile search results(please view the picture in right), you will have to take advantage of this tech. The reason is simple; it’s the best way to boost your mobile search results and also gain a better ROI.

What are AMP pages built out of?


There are three primary components that you will find for any AMP page. AMP HTML is regular HTML with some restrictions designed to boost performance. Then you have AMP JS which is a JavaScript library, but its focus is on rendering the HTML pages. Lastly, you have the Google AMP Cache, and this is use to serve all the cached HTML pages processed by AMP.

Why is AMP necessary?

As you can imagine, all internet users and more particularly mobile users want their web pages to be opened as fast as possible. AMP offers the background needed to improve website load times and overall performance further.

We can expect most of the publishers to deliver both AMP and regular pages. Usually, CMS systems can make this particular process pretty easy, so we can expect it to become a reality sooner rather than later. However, what we do need to note is that AMP is also going to focus on delivering a great mobile SEO boost. It’s going to become the ultimate technology of the future, although only time will tell if this will stick or not.

View our wordpresss blog page speed insight due to amp
View our wordpresss blog mobile page speed insight due to amp

One thing is sure, Accelerated Mobile Pages is a part of Google’s strategy, and it will count for the longer term. The quest of finding significant optimization for mobile may change in time, but Accelerated Mobile Pages is a part of it at this point! Hopefully Google will be able to further improve and even expand the AMP technology in the future, but even right now is still very promising!

Where can I find more details about it?

You may find more details regarding AMP here https://www.ampproject.org/ .

Google added AMP in their webmaster tools. Please click here to learn more about it.google webmaster tools seo for mobile



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