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Leave office on time for creating a good work life balance

As unassuming as this topic might sound, I recently saw an online post similar to the topic, what was amazing is the huge support the public gave for this idea. It is really important to leave the office at the right time, especially if you want to maintain the height of productivity you have been able to develop over the years.

The principle of creating a good work-life balance is not a new idea; it is basically about creating a good balance between your responsibilities at work and life outside the workplace. The essence of this is to ensure a high degree of job satisfaction while paying attention to your personal needs and being present in the lives of your family.

We should really consider what this means and how it relates to not saying longer than you have to at the office.

 There will always be more work

A fact is that as long as we are within the employable age limit, we will keep working at different jobs all our lives. This means that there is a very long time to create a good plan that will sustain your career. How this applies to the subject here is emphasizing the need to focus on your long-term goals in your career field rather than to try achieving an unrealistic goal you have set for one day at work.

 Put your family first

Your family deserves a large portion of your time as much as the office responsibilities. Many people make the mistake of completely blocking out their families in the pursuit of official rewards from their jobs, what will these achievements mean without your family? You family is everything; they are the reason why you are out there working in the first place- in many cases.

 When the work ends, your family will still be there

Understanding where your loyalty should be is important while understanding that within the time you have to work – the officially recognized working hours- you must put in your very best to aid the progress of your career, but in the end, if you experience setbacks, the odds are that you might lose your job but your family will be right there waiting for you, to help and assist you in every way they can.

Living means more than working for long hours

I know how easy it is to become completely immersed in office work, there always so much to do and it might seem like the work never ends, this is the reason why you should try to do it all in one day. Enjoy your working hours; make them as productive as you possibly can then look forward to spending a good time with your friends and family after working hours.

Working long hours is actually not an advantage

People might argue that it is beneficial to stay back at work after the official hours to get ahead of other the next day; they also claim it is the best way to rise up the corporate ladder. As much as we are all entitled to our different opinions, I must beg to differ. From my years of experience, I have realized that the allocated time for the official working hours is actually enough to make a remarkable impact at your job. I also know that people who work at their maximum productivity during the official work hours and still have time to relax with their families are also very successful in the corporate world. In my opinion, this success is as a result of careful planning to utilize time in the best way.

Pushing yourself beyond your limits at work will reduce your value

Life can only become retrogressive when we push ourselves so hard at work. Most times, the goals we seek will keep eluding us making us work harder thinking it is the secret. This is wrong.

It is wrong for your boss to make you work late

Have you also observed that many bosses never work late? If the boss knows this is not a good trend why they will ever want to make their employees work late hours every day? Employers should also be educated on how to support their employees to create a good work-life balance for the benefit of their businesses.

I am really passionate about this subject because I have had a personal experience growing up as a child, I never saw my father because he believed he had to work very long hours to provide for his family. What we actually needed more was his presence after the official working hours. This is a concern that has broken up many families; we should know what is right and ensure it is done.

Love your job but don’t love your company, because you may not know when your company stops loving you.
– Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam



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