Google moves the AMP project to an ‘Open governance model’

As you know that when the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project started, that makes easy browsing, minimize the long time to load for commuters and mobile web pages visitor. The Google AMP project tech leader, Malte Ubl declared that the… Continue Reading

How to secure WordPress website from hackers?

Secure WordPress website from hackers is a hard work. But WordPress website security is important for every business website owner. Many WordPress website designing company developed the WordPress CMS site but not focus on improve WordPress securities. Every single week… Continue Reading

WORDPRESS and DRUPAL CMS – What is the difference??

What is WordPress? WordPress is a free web software by using which we can create beautiful websites application or blogs. WordPress development can be done by the users itself. There is no need of WordPress developer unlike in Drupal. What… Continue Reading

What is Node.js Technology and its benefits in development?


In this recent era, Node.js is very popular and quick to develop the technology. Now the question is what this Node.js is? What is its need, advantages and also disadvantages?   Node.js Technology Node.js technology allows to execute server-side code which… Continue Reading

How to select better client for freelancer web developer and web designer?

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A freelancer enjoys a lot of freedom and flexibility than that of a regular desk job worker. Taking the decision to become a freelancer can be life-changing. Only you will know whether freelancing life is suitable for you. Before getting… Continue Reading

Who is a Freelancer? What are the Benefits of freelancing?

  Freelancer is self-employed and hired to work for different companies on particular assignments. A person who works for freelance services is called Freelancer. A Freelance worker might not necessarily be committed to a particular employer long- term. What are… Continue Reading