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Google – know about mobile first indexing and SEO affect!

Google has started testing its mobile first index, which will fundamentally look at the mobile version of your site for its ranking signals and fall back on the desktop form when there is no mobile version. This was expected at least a year ago, but now Google has officially posted their insights in which they had told that their ranking is now done on the basis of the mobile version.

Google clarified that it sees more mobile requests than desktop searches every day. Currently, when they analyze the page’s ranking in Google it is done through the desktop version. This is a problem that Google is facing now a days. Customers using the mobile search are disappointed as they do not see mobile friendly sits on top rankings. In order to solve this problem, Google has started doing an experiment on ranking the sites according to mobile versions. Mobile seo is now one of the essential tools for website development.

Google Insights

Google in their insights has told their loyal customers that, to make our outcomes more helpful, we’ve started trials to make our index mobile first. In spite of the fact that our pursuit list will keep on being a solitary list of sites and applications, our calculations will in the end fundamentally utilize the portable variant of a site’s substance. This all is done to rank the web pages from that website, to comprehend organized information, and to demonstrate the small pieces of those web pages in the outcomes. Obviously, while our list will be worked from mobile archives, will keep on building an incredible scan understanding for all clients, regardless of whether they originate from mobile or desktop gadgets.

With this change, Google will essentially index mobile content and utilize that to choose how to rank its outcomes, paying little mind to whether you’re on desktop or mobile. There will never again be any sort of “mobile friendly” alteration done only for mobile users. Of course, if you are not a mobile user, then this decision will not impact you so you do not have to worry about it.

Recommendations for website managers

If you are a developer or company owner and you do not have the mobile site than there are no worries. The individuals who don’t have a mobile version of their site don’t have to stress. Google will simply utilize the desktop version to rank the site. Google stated, “[I]f you just have a desktop site, we’ll keep on indexing your desktop site fine and dandy, regardless of the possibility that we’re utilizing a mobile client operator to see your site.” This likewise implies on the off chance that you have a responsive site, one that progressively changes content contingent upon desktop, or cell phone, there’s nothing uncommon you have to do. The website developers should use Mobile SEO techniques while developing the site in order to have better Google ranking.


Check out few proposals Google is offering website administrator to get ready for the change:

  • If you have a dynamic serving site or responsive site where the markup and primary content is identical crosswise over portable and desktop, the you do not have to change
  • If you have a site arrangement where the primary content and markup is distinctive crosswise over mobile and desktop, you ought to consider rolling out a few improvements to your site.

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