How to promote your brand with right marketing strategies?

Would you like to promote your brand marketing strategies?

Customers who truly have a sense of personal attachment with a brand are the customers who would be confident saying that the brand, they are attached to, is ‘the reflection of who they are’. Brands form a connection over time by expressing the passion and interest resulting in deeper connection that eventually let them feel reflected by that brand.

Brand attachment is an emotional closeness between a consumer and a brand.

This attachment enables person’s emotions and sentiments to affect the outcome of a choice over a basic logic. This attachment shows how a consumer feels positively or negatively- about a brand.

Brand advertising helps to establish brand credibility and sets businesses apart to boost conversions and sales. The proper digital marketing strategy can get you more and more customer engagements, and hence you can have a great brand to influence the consumers.

The journey to Brand Attachment:

brand awareness

Brand Awareness

  • Consumer is familiar with brand quality by seeing the advertising
  • But no personal interactions and purchases are made by the consumer

Brand Familiarity

  • Consumer has developed a social consciousness for the brand
  • Purchases are done by the consumer because of the needs
  • Sale on the products effects your purchases
brand affinity

Brand Affinity

  • Purchases have been made by consumer, but inconsistently
  • Consumer still considers and buys alternatives
brand loyality

Brand Loyalty

  • Several consistent purchases have been made
  • Developed a habit of habit of purchasing from the same brand even when the other brands are cheaper

Brand Attachment

  • Formed an emotional connection with the brand
  • Strongly prefers the particular brand even when better alternatives are present

Improve your customer experience to boost up your online digital presence 

If customer-focused businesses want to stay competitive, you must stay relevant to consumers’ changing needs and create memorable, valuable experiences. There are several ways to do so successfully and each one contributes to relevance attachment.

  1. Show your Brand is a unique brand:
    • Focus on what sets your brand apart from the competitors
    • Stand out to your customers so that they can remember you
    • Keep your brand in the lead by maintaining a competitive edge
  2. Stay Updated with the latest Digital Marketing Strategies:
    • Be ready to adapt the changes in social factors that influence your audience 
    • On the basis of social impact for your audience you have to adapt the changes quickly. 
    • Know about your customers’ changing needs
  3. Always show your Customers that you Care:
    • Make efforts to connect with them on a personal level and show appreciation for their connections
    • Always thank your customers by some personalized approach
  4. Let your Consumers to interact with your Brand Easily:
    • Make your online store and apps should be intuitively designed and easy to navigate
  5. Provide different options to your Customers:
    • Allow your customers to customize their interactions with your brand by offering some options while they come to your website
  6. Be Transparent:
    • Provide your audience with valuable information and content
    • Connect with your customer base on a personal level through social media for transparency
    • It will also let you generate more customers organically
  7. Stay Consistent:
    • Keep your brand on-message with your mission and values,
    • Be flexible to change with the evolving consumer base
    • But don’t completely change your base

Create Relevance Attachment through Internet of Things (IOT) & Big Data:

  • Stay current with new technologies through big data and IOT to create relevance attachment
  • Apply big data metrics in new and more effective ways
  • Divide your customers in to the different personas, like the dedicated buyer, occasional buyer, the gift shopper, the curious new-comer etc. so that it can be easy to know what suits them
  • Reach customers on the personal level through big data and IOT
  • Combine big data with your own experience and creativity to craft campaigns that achieve relevance attachment for your brand

Five Content Marketing Strategies to boost your Brand Attachment:

  1. Understand your Audience:
    • Try to understand your audience’s passions, desires and tendencies
    • Make personas to get chance to get acquainted with your audience
    • To make your brand even better for them, understand who they are, their hobbies, where they are consuming time online and offline, also their fears and worries
    • After understanding your audience compare it with your brand purpose to know how can you connect them both in a meaningful and authentic way
  • Develop Specific for each medium or channel
    • Convince your audience truly by right message and right medium
    • Find the best paid and earned media opportunities available by learning about your audience’s values, habits and content consumption preference
    • Create the dedicated content for each channel
  • Earn more Audience by Delivering Relevant Content:
    • Meet your audience’s expectations and emotions
    • Build a brand with staying power and raving fans
  • Always focus on your brand:
    • Try to maintain your thematic consistency allowing for easy identification across channels and assets
    • Be aware of the need to make your brand voice heard clearly in everything you create
  • Measure your Success:
    • Identify some quantifiable data to measure value along with your qualitative insights.

Your audience interacts with thousands of brands, but they will develop attachments to only a few of them. If you follow the right brand marketing strategies then you will get more audience via Word-of-Mouth(WOM). Your audience is busy, and time is too valuable. They just don’t have the mental capacity to think about your brand often if their emotions are involved. Because of this, it’s so important that they have a strong attachment to your brand, so that when they quickly, sometimes even impulsively, need to purchase something, you get their favor.


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