How to grow your social network?

grow your social network

grow your social network

Staying connected with peers, family members and colleagues is important in today’s world. By being connected, you can attain credibility in long run.

Even the employers today wish to check your linkedin profile and on the basis of it as well as other standings in the industry like Twitter, Facebook etc, you are selected for the job.  The businessmen today also conduct majority of their transactions on the basis of their relationship with the clients online.

In the beginning, I started with posting, inviting, connecting and sharing activities but later I grew my network to several hundreds and thousands of people day by day.

I would like to share some few important points on how to grow your social network:-

  1. Right network – Several social networking websites and new platforms are continually emerging on daily basis. I used Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube as they are more popular ones but others like Pinterest are also gaining attention among many and so I may soon be enrolled in this site also. However, the popular sites that I have mentioned are widely acclaimed and I have many friends and followers at such sites.
  2. Telling people about yourself – It is best to complete your profile and make it look professional and impressive.  Add a profile picture of yours and concentrate on relevant things rather being emotional.
  3. Actively grow your network– For connecting on networks like Linkedin and Twitter, the rule is not to be shy. You must go up to people and introduce yourself, exchange information and business cards and therefore grow your relationship. Also, politeness rules the world of social networking sites.
  4. Convey interesting things – Regular and interesting updates about your business or anything you find interesting online is likely to create a bond between you and people at large.
  5. Mixing private with business isn’t a good thing – Personal relationship or talks regarding the same should be kept separate from business talks or otherwise it will be totally unprofessional.


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