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How to keep your internet identity safe from hackers?

keep your internet identity safe from hackers
keep your internet identity safe from hackers

If you are using the same password for every website or are over sharing posts on Facebook, then you might be at risk and can become the prey of cyber criminals. Here are some finest tips to beat such fraudsters.

  1. Don’t click on the link if you are unsure- Phishing emails that contain spelling mistakes and poor grammar should be avoided from opening. The emails can infect PC’s by attracting users to click on links to open attachments. When it comes to social media, these criminals keep a check on your profile and insist you through sending crafted messages to click on them.
  2. Make use of different passwords for different websites- Never use your name or birthday dates or even phone numbers as passwords as these pose a risk of being hacked easily. A good way is to add numerals and special characters to make your identity safe.
  3. Do not use your main email password- If the hacker cracks the main email password, then he can have access to all your private and confidential data. Passwords from other websites can be reset via use of main account. The criminal can get access to your personal data like banking to passport details as well as date of birth etc which can give rise to ID fraud.
  4. If in doubt, Block- Do not respond to any social media invitations at sites like Facebook or Linkedin of the people you hardly know. The criminal can, in this way, invade your profile and get all personal data.
  5. Use anti- virus software- Anti-virus vaccinations can help remove irrelevant malware from the computer and fight against cyber criminals who wish to hack your profiles or mail passwords.