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How Google’s Search operators work?

google search
google search

Google is number one search engine. However, it may happen sometimes that finding a particular item in search options may not give fruitful results.

Google’s search operator is used if you are not being able to find what you are searching in Google search option. In order to gain more control over the results, you can put down one of these following mentioned symbols to your search terms in Google search box. These search operators form a part of advanced search options.

  1. Exact word or Phrase– If you are searching for a particular phrase or quote, then it is essential to put the same into Google search box. Use quotes (“search something”) and Google will only search for the exact phrase. However, this may not apply in other cases or else you will have to forgo other helpful results by mistake.
  2. Exclude a word – You can add a dash (-) before a word or website and exclude all results that include that word. This kind of search option is mainly used while writing down the synonyms. This is used if you do not wish to show up results for a particular word in search results.  For example- (pandas –
  3. Search within a website or domain – If you wish to broaden your search results, then it is essential to include ‘site’ in your query. For example- if you are looking for tsunami in New York Times, then you can write ( Tsunami site:
  4. Include a fill in the bank – You can use asterisk (*) in a query for an unknown term. You can make use of quotation marks to find changes in that phrase or even remembering the words in the middle of the phrase. For example [ “abc * saved is xyz * earned” ]
  5. Either word – Google will search the pages for that include one of the several words that is you can use ‘OR’ between the words. This is because if you miss out using the word ‘OR’, then Google will show the results that match both terms. For example [ olympics location 2014 OR 2018 ]
  6. Searching for a number range – See the results as you type separate numbers by two periods without any spaces. They must contain numbers within a range of things such as dates, prices and measurements.  For example [ camera $50..$100]
  7. Definitions – In case, you are looking for the definition of a word and won’t like to prefer, then you can simply use the word “define:” operator so as to get quick definition. For example- define: social media will enlist different definitions from different sources.
  8. Calculator – If you wish to get number results through calculations, then Google has the provision for the same. You just need to type “ +, -, x or / and =” to carry the mathematical equation.
  9. Conversions – In order to perform a quick conversion, like kilometers to meters or inches to centimeters, then type it in Google search bar. The search engine will give the exact conversion results.