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How to Become a Top Freelance WordPress Developer?


freelance WordPress developer

It takes a lot of courage to become a top WordPress Developer. It needs a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and determination. There is no shortcut to coming to a Top WordPress Web Developer. Working your way up with the vision is the only way to become a top WordPress developer.
Someone does not become a top WordPress designer by just having the capability of installing the WordPress, reading tutorials and theme are customizing. By possessing this quality, they can be referred to as Expert and being above an average person. A top WordPress developer is above an expert as they have the ability to carry out innovation, be of great importance to the community and show mastery in their work. Hence, you are required to be beyond an expert to be at the top.

Why Be a Top Freelance WordPress Developer?

You have every reason to be a top WordPress developer. Don’t ever settle for an average person because at the top in the WordPress there are a lot of benefits. The benefits include;

  • Make a lot of money : Most clients offer more financial gains to freelance WordPress developers who are at the top of their work and when you are at the top, you are in demand hence high chances of making a lot of money.
  • Get the best clients : Top WordPress developers can express themselves fully giving them the advantage to choose their customers; as a result, being able to obtain the best clients of their choice.
  • Be influential: Being at the top gives you a responsibility of helping in the shaping the future of WordPress. As well as the environment around it.

Read One Hour a Day

In your way up you need to spend at least one hour a day mastering the WordPress concept. You have no option but to struggle your way up. A lot of time is needed to learn WordPress. You have to sacrifice to create time for reading, for example, stop watching TV and stop playing games.as you read write down short notes of important issues you come across. Start by spending one hour a day for reading and if possible you can increase to two or three hours a day with time if possible.

Register In A Word Press University

This is the right place to strive to the top. The necessary resources you require are available. Education is necessary. Put extra effort and master the concepts of thought.

Surround Yourself with the Right People

The people you associate with will determine who you become. Hang around with the top WordPress developers to help you in your way up to the top. Listen to their advice and try to see how they do their work and emulate them. Make them your role model.

Material Reading

Look for WordPress materials written, filter them out and concentrate your mind only on those with high-quality information.
The following are some of the resources;

WordPress Codex

This is a community-based WordPress edition. Start by learning the basics .study the WordPress semantics, theme design and plugin development.

WordPress Books

A variety of books is available on WordPress. Read the titles which you are interested in.

WordPress blogs

Look for the best WordPress blogs and follow them. Read them and remember to thank the author.

Understand Technology

Understand Technology and keep updated with the new technology available in WordPress. Learn all the new programs and keep yourself updated. Begin by;

Learning PHP and MySQL

Learning about PHP and MySQL is important. If you learned them some time back update yourself with the currently available information.

Codebase exploration

Explore codebase on Trac and Xref. Make sure you understand how they work and understand how WordPress is structured.

Read make WordPress.

To understand the available technology you need to look for open discussions in make.wordpress.org and follow them. Here you can get information about the core, plugin, and themes.blogging

Homework Doing

Practice what you have learned by opening your websites and carry out various projects. Read tutorials and follow them on your own and also experiment. Record what you have learned for reference in the future.
Here are some of the areas to explore;

WordPress APIs

Learn of the available APIs in the code. Obtain all the information about each API and carry out some experiment. Look for the tutorials for the APIs to give you more knowledge.

Ajax in WordPress

Irrespective of your knowledge in Ajax, be ready to learn about its use. Then try to use it in plugin development.

WordPress PHP Classes.

Identify the list of classes that are created by WordPress developers. Master them and try to experiment with them in your projects. Gather information majorly about WP, Query, WP-Theme and web.

Obtaining experience with WordPress

After trying with your projects and gaining some experience expand you knowledge by entering the real world. Gain more experience working with others and working for others. This will expand room for obtaining more experience.

Take on clients

The best way to add on your experience is working for clients either for cash or free. Clients will expose you to challenges available in the real world. If it’s your starting time, try to get your first client. And set you goals and standards in getting the best.

Public Theme Development

Develop an idea and release it either free or with a fee. Pay great attention to the feedback from wordpress designers and its end users. Make changes to the theme with consideration of the reviews on the feedback.

Plugin Development

Try to identify a gap that has been left unfulfilled and attempt to fill the gap by developing your new plugin. Make sure the plugin solves and satisfies the need. Release the plugin at a fee or free and obtain feedback from users.

Patch Development

Gather information from the core contributor handbook about submitting a patch. It’s a very challenging process but be determined. Choose a task which you are capable of handling. Contribution of a patch is a very honorable experience for identifying yourself as a top WordPress developer.

Master Debugging

An important step in becoming a top WordPress developer is knowing the way to write bug-free code. Begin with the codex. Learn the developer oriented plugins example; core control debugs bar and Log Deprecated Notices.

WordPress community is joining.

Market yourself to the community by sharing your knowledge. Make the people know your existence by becoming active in the community. This is a critical step in you becoming a fantastic developer.

Tutorial Writing

After gathering knowledge start writing tutorials to help others. This is important as it can be a way of marketing yourself.

Contribute To the Codex

When reading through the code identify the areas that require to be improved. If you have the ability to develop that area, please do but if you are not able to inform others who can improve it and make an opportunity to learn from them in the process.

Forum Participation

Join official support forums and participate by asking and answering questions.be ready to learn from the responses given by other developers in the forum.

Attend Work camps

Make sure you are present at the upcoming word camps. Try to participate in the camps example by being among the organizers. Show your expertise by sharing your knowledge to others by teaching them.

Reward and Responsibility

Being at the top as a WordPress developer has a great reward financially. But this great reward comes with great responsibility. Staying at the top demands you to keep updated through education and experience. Always improve your knowledge through research and attending workshops. Also, you have a responsibility of contributing to the quality and future of the WordPress environment. Gives ideas and contribute to the betterment of the WordPress ecosystem.


A lot of effort, determination and hard work is required in becoming a top WordPress developer. Channel your energy and focus on education in your way to the top.be dedicated to your work and accept the responsibility of the WordPress community.

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