Five Trends that is changing the Face of Web designing in 2016

As time keeps progressing with each passing second, every niche of our existence keeps developing. The field of website designing is not left out in this developmental process. Many new trends, new tools and new workflows emerge every day to continuously construct functional layouts.

It is very hard to predict which of the latest trends will hit the market hard and change the color of the web designing culture. However, one thing is certain, new trends will keep emerging everyday. Taking a cursory look into the culture of web designing designing in New Delhi, India, I have come up with a list of TEN trends that have made the 2016 horizon change in Web Designing sector.

Sketch app for UI Designs

Sketch is a professional digital design that is fast replacing Photoshop for all User Interface projects. It is used for icon designs, high-fidelity mockups and low-fidelity wireframes.

This software has smoother and more refined work environment for designing vector elements for all kinds of interfaces. With the fact that it is new, it still has those features you would expect from Photoshop like layer styles and text effects.trends-20162

Online learning resources

Presently, it has now become extremely easy to learn new skills from the comfort of your home, office or otherwise with your electronic device such as phones, PCs, Tablets, etc. There are now many new courses and new websites being unleashed every time.

I am very optimistic than before online learning is taking over offline more everyday especially in the area of web designing and coding. Some of the website that are popular and reliable include; CodeSchool, Udemy, Treehouse, Code Academy, etc. There are also some newer ones like Learn Verified and Bitfountain.

Custom explainer video

Most companies have now joined the trend of making custom explainer videos. This videos are often animated and graphically colorful. It used to explain or describe a product or service to customers or clients to make the usage of the service or good to look easy.

It simply say, ‘how to use our product/service in few minutes’. Some other ones make use of real-life footages e.g the Instagram direct. Many websites use it for their landing pages.

Website design single page (one page) trend

Among Web designers and users presently, the trend of scrolling is fast replacing the idea of scrolling in page navigation. The advent of mobile devices has had a great influence on the way websites are now being designed. People now prefer scrolling to clicking on their small- screened phones that had a cool touch screen. One-page design actually began a few years back but now it is fast gaining prominence more than ever.

Video background trend

Basically, websites are tools used for story-telling and this function can be carried out best if ideas, messages and emotions can be communicated to the user by way of powerful visuals and motion. Companies, businesses and brands have started integrating video into their PR strategies, therefore making it an integral part of their websites. This will even get more popular and widespread in 2016 due to the fast growth of innovations in 3D graphics, HD videos etc. Video consumption among  web users is now spiraling into outrageous numbers.

The above trends are a few of the many fascinating vogues that are making positive changes to the web designing structure in the year 2016. Some of them are not just starting this  but they stared gaining significant prominence this year and designers are still hoping for more revolutionary trends before the year runs out. We are all watching out.



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