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5 Steps to winning customers on Elance as a freelance web developer

With the late blast in outsourcing, independent specialist destinations likes Elance and oDesk (now upworks), biding freelancers website have turned out to be progressively prevalent. Elance is presently one of the biggest, with 600,000 employments posted and $130 million earned by consultants amid the primary portion of 2013 alone.

While numerous little organizations and business visionaries have quit utilizing these destinations their value ought not be disparaged. Amid incline times or as a supplementary help to profit while you are building your customer base and notoriety as a freelance web developer, they can be a fabulous, lucrative wellspring of salary.

The key is finding the best customers, who offer the best work and pay the best rates. When you do that it’s about beating the opposition to secure the agreement. In this post I’ll highlight five stages you can take to guarantee you win the sort of customers you need being a website design company.


Step 1: Build a premium web developer profile page

It requires a touch of investment and push to develop a decent profile page, yet once it’s done, you’ll have the capacity to use it to secure occupations as and when you require them.

As per Elance, 65% of customers overviewed said they esteemed a decent advanced profile over an elegantly composed occupation proposition, so it’s basic you take care of business. All things considered, it’s a greeting page for you. Elance’s Profile page is set-up to showcase the best of your aptitudes, capabilities and experience to a large number of potential customers so benefit from it.

The way to make a premium Profile page is composing a magnificent administration depiction, which essentially portray you as a freelance web developer and additionally your hard working attitude. It’s your opportunity to offer yourself and demonstrate a touch of identity. Continuously incorporate an expert photo of yourself nearby your administration depiction as it gives you validity and includes a human touch.

Contingent upon which participation bundle you have, you can enter up to a quarter century and catchphrases that will enhance your possibility of being found by customers or consequently suggested for new occupation postings by Elance’s positioning framework. Try not to go over the edge simply incorporate your center abilities that relate particularly to the kind of work you are searching for.

Inside the Profile segment is the capacity to make a portfolio where you can make a bank of work tests for potential customers to see. This is awesome as it accepts your capacity and empowers the customer to evaluate whether your work is a fit for their venture.

Step 2:  Get five star ratings from your Elance customers

The criticism framework is basic to your accomplishment in discovering better customers on Elance. It exhibits consistency, quality and customer fulfillment and with numerous customers consequently dismissing the recommendations from specialists with not exactly a four star rating, it is basic to keep your midpoints up.

One of the most ideal approaches to give your criticism rating a help is to tackle a couple of “simple” occupations and complete them before due date to a remarkable, far beyond level (as though you don’t as of now!). This ought to bring about a sound yield of five star appraisals and some positive remarks you can add to your Profile page.

Step 3: Try to bid only on the right jobs

That may seem like somewhat of an easy decision, yet you’d be astounded what number of individuals run with amount over quality and attempt to help their prosperity by applying for everything without exception.

Require some serious energy to peruse the employment advert and comprehend the extent of works included. Are the points and result plainly characterized? Does the customer have a grip of what is included? It’s awful offering on an occupation you will accept will take two hours to finish just for it to transform into an unpredictable, six-hour bad dream which lets you extremely well enough alone for pocket.

This leads me on to the significance of exploring the customer who has set the employment advert.

Customers on Elance have Profile pages similarly that specialists do. Take some an opportunity to take a gander at the sorts of employments they are posting, the criticism they are both leaving and getting and the normal sum they are paying. This ought to help you as a website design company to evade troublesome customers furthermore spare your time in offering $40 every hour for their most recent occupation when generally the most they’ve paid is $25 every hour.

Step 4: Write a good proposal for getting customers

Composing an awesome employment proposition isn’t advanced science, however there are a couple ways you can expand the effect you make.

Your proposition ought to be compact, list just the aptitudes that are applicable to a web developer job publicized and incorporate points of interest of your accessibility. On the off chance that it is conceivable, attempt to pose a question as it shows you’ve required investment to consider what is anticipated from you. You ought to dependably append a resume (be mindful so as not to incorporate individual contact points of interest as this is against Elance arrangement) and help the customer that case to remember your past work can be found in your portfolio.

Normally, your reaction ought to be custom fitted to every individual employment advert and not only a nonexclusive reaction that you’ve duplicated and glued several times some time recently. What’s more, in conclusion, require some serious energy to evidence your proposition. Nobody is going to contract somebody who commits incredibly clear spelling and linguistic use errors.

Step 5:  Quote the  right amount for the work

There are two altogether different methodologies with regards to indicating your offer sum on Elance. You can either pick not to reveal your rates and trust the customer will reach you in light of your portfolio and proposition, or you can choose your most aggressive rate and try it out.

I suggest the last mentioned, for the most part in light of the fact that most customers will get a colossal measure of recommendations and will search for any approach to channel them down to a wait list. On the off chance that you haven’t determined a sum they may accept you charge much more than your rivals, or that you’re simply not certain what your administrations are worth.

Before you conclude your offer sum it merits looking at what different consultants are offering just in the event that you are going to uncontrollably overbid by 200%. Once you’ve gagged the standard it’ll make it much less demanding to tailor your sum as needs be.

Continuously be sensible and consistent with yourself, with regards to estimating. Yes, there will dependably be individuals willing to work for $3 every hour except you should adhere to a level that mirrors your expertise. Numerous customers are presently perceiving the benefit of utilizing home developed ability and cottoning on to the familiar adage, ‘purchase modest, purchase twice’. So hold tight in light of the fact that there is great cash to be made.


Albeit independent dealer destinations are still disliked and subject to a specific measure of self importance in the little business world, I feel they are a helpful apparatus that when utilized adequately to locate as well as can be expected result in great experience, supported income and even conceivable long haul contracts.

As a responsive website design company from India, having a profile on a site like Elance is not something to be embarrassed about. All things considered, the length of you are being paid a reasonable rate and taking the necessary steps you cherish does it make a difference where or how you secure your agreements?

By raghwendra

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