Different breeds of Social Media Personalities- A Detailed Workout!

socialSocial networking is an in-thing. More and more people are becoming internet savvy and have turned towards these websites to grow friend base or even expanding professional relations. Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook are top social networking sites which are ruling the web world. From film stars to cricketers, writers to even common man, everybody these days are using these web design work to share their personal and professional life with other users at large.

There are several types of social media users and depending on your choice, you can easily know whom to follow or not.
1. Keen Listener – This category of users is quite active on social media but they prefer to listen rather than post new things. They are likely to ‘Like’ your posts and comment on them. However, they keep themselves aloof from sharing their own personal and professional moments with FB users.

2.Active Soul – These users are quite compassionate ones and have the desire to promote themselves in every possible way. They know how to use the power of social media to get their voices heard, usually on social interests thereby changing the social mindset.

3.Spammer – These kinds of users send weekly promotional messages directly in your inbox just because they are your online buddies. They keep boasting about themselves through cheesy posts through terming them as ‘quality content’ and allure you to buy their products and services.

4.Diehard Passionista – These users make their online friends go crazy. They are known to be the best in the class as they keep exploring new passions and sharing them with their friends. They have a passion to excel and bring others in their success.

5.Social Butterfly – This kind of users tell that the world is under their feet. They tag nearly everyone in every wall post and picture, even if they haven’t met them. Their main aim is to get popularity and you can check the same through their Facebook wall.

6.Troller – The person who really delivers a hate speech every time even if the issue is sensitive or irrelevant and can cross any limit to showcase an unpleasant situation is worth to be ‘blocked.’

7.Mentor – Just like an ardent teacher, this breed of people love to share knowledge through social networking. They pick up a topic of interest and turn towards the Facebook users to make them learn about the same. They always want that the online audience gain as much knowledge as they can.

8.Early Adopters – This breed of people love to hop from one social networking site to another and keep their online friends stay informed about new sites and encourage them to adopt the same.

9.The Store Keeper – This includes those people with a practical mind. Their basic aim is to communicate with their online friends and stay in touch with them through these social networking websites.

10.The Family Bird – These users are mainly women who love to share family moments on these social networking websites. They are of the opinion that these social networking websites can help them stay in touch with their family members who reside in any corner of the world.

Overall speaking, this is an exhaustive list of different social media personalities who use social networking sites in different ways and for different purposes.