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Dangerous Computer Viruses that are harmful for your PC

Computer Virus can run havoc to your PC or laptop if proper care is not taken. These days, a number of computer viruses are surging up and to get them removed from PC, a person has to cough up a huge amount of money. These viruses attack certain documents and settings in the computer or your designed website by camouflaging themselves to look like a file or document stored in the PC or on web hosting/server. The unaware user clicks on the link or file and the virus suddenly spreads itself thereby corrupting the system. Some of the most notorious computer viruses are:-

  1. ILOVEU- This virus is the most dangerous one that has affected a major chunk of computers throughout the world. The virus appears in the form of a TXT file and when it is clicked upon, it spreads itself by virtually sending itself across everyone on users mail.ilovu
  2. Code Red- Although this virus is considered to be a milder one, but it has the capacity to bring down any website on the internet. Whitehouse.gov has already been affected by this virus.
  3. Stuxnet- The virus has the history of attacking softwares particularly those that controlled industrial sectors and technological machineries.
  4. Zeus- Zeus is a kind of virus that attacks people’s personal information stored over the internet. This virus is mostly used to hack online retail shops and internet banking websites to infiltrate and steal personal information of the customers.
  5. MyDoom- This virus works similarly like ILOVEYOU and therefore infiltrates user’s mailbox when the link gets opened. It spreads in the form of chain reaction whenever a user opens his mail. The user is unaware of the fact that this virus floods his mailbox with information sent from multiple systems.
  6. Nimda- The very name of this virus is taken from the word – ‘Admin’ when spelled backwards. Nimda spreads in 4 ways particularly through email, files, server and share folders.
  7. Melissa- The virus works in a manner such that it mails itself in the first fifty id’s of the victim’s mailbook and then corrupts the server by increasing mail traffic.

Conclusion- Virus attacks can damage your computer and important files stored in it. Therefore, it becomes necessary that you insist on updating your PC with Anti-Virus vaccinations and keep it fool-proof from virus attacks.

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