What is the future of ecommerce business in India?

A hot trending question of today’s scenario, what is the future or scope of ecommerce business in India?

Are you a seeking ecommerce business in India?  We will help you to make understand the future of online business in India.

For exploring more about answer, first we would like to share about the number of Internet user in India. The rising sale in smartphone and the launch of 4G networks are increasing tremendous number of users on Internet.  Before 2017 the internet user in India around 125 million. But on July 2018, According to Wikipedia, India has around 475 million internet user. This numbers of internet user is around 40% of Indian population. India is currently second largest internet user base in the world.  The china is largest country where people using the internet around 650 million. The
US on third number around 266 million user using internet.

We share below the info-graphics for the past and future of Ecommerce industry in Billion.

, what is the future or scope of ecommerce business in India?


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