Joomla website Maintenance Services

It is true that Joomla website maintenance have gained recognition with the gradual passage of time. However, you need to understand that Joomla website maintenance is not an easy task. In order to carry out the maintenance tasks in an effective manner, it is crucial to make frequent changes in the database.

Different Joomla website support and maintenance services

The changes made in the database must suit the convenience of the business organization. The maintenance services play a significant role in ensuring the competence of the content and features of your website. A few of the website support that you can expect to gain advantage of are repair of broken links, maintaining content updated, updating event calendars and shopping cart changes. The Joomla website maintenance services help to make the website search engine friendly. The services include taking care of the Meta tags, descriptions and titles so that they are search engine friendly.The constant updates in the website content help to maintain the website fresh and thus help it to rank well in the SERP pages.

The Joomla website maintenance services also take proper care of the images. It is crucial for the images to be informative and clear so that the users can imagine the products in an appropriate manner. The other website maintenance services that you can expect to opt for includes updating calendars and events. The Joomla maintenance services also ensure text re-writes and website facelifts. The different services associated with Joomla website maintenance are getting updated on a regular basis.

Joomla Bugs and Error Fixing services as below:

  • Joomla installation issues
  • Joomla search engine optimization performance degrading
  • Fixing of a hacked Joomla website
  • Joomla JavaScript issues
  • Joomla website hosting transfer issues
  • Joomla website template, CSS, HTML issues
  • Joomla frontend /backend  issues
  • Joomla admin account reset for login or password
  • Joomla database(MySQL) problems
  • Joomla extension/module bugs
  • Joomla module/extension installation issues
  • Joomla component issues
  • Joomla plugin problems
  • Fixing of Joomla website malware attack

Raghwendra Web services deliver joomla Maintenance that are based on yearly basis. We offers our Maintenance plan on hourly basis like 5 hours-10 hour in a month. Please email us for your quote at

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