Domain Name and Hosting Services

A website when designed needs to be hosted also. For this, getting a domain name is essential. Once the web development company provides you with the domain name, the web hosting account will immediately be set-up. Whether you wish to acquire one domain name or more, the details of the same will be needed to host the websites.

At Raghwendra Web Services, we offer reliable web hosting services. Even if you have taken hosting service from any other company and are not satisfied by them, we always welcome you to join us and we shall be guiding you with every step to implement our service. The management of the domain name will gladly be accepted by us.

Since our website hosting service is fast and reliable, you can be rest assured about that. However, in case, you need our hosting service and if you already have enrolled in a web designing company, then you must get your name transferred with us for better assistance.

We continuously upgrade our servers to ensure optimum performance. The space we will be providing you with will be 5 gig, however, if you require more, we will be pleased to arrange the same for you.

We never put adverts on your website so you can have total control over the contents of the website. The service of Domain parking is available for all of our valued customers. The web hosting service that we provide allows you to use CGI scripts on our servers. Another feather in our work process includes back-ups being done on daily basis which means there won’t be any loss of data in case of uncertainty. Thus, with so many benefits lying before you on using our web hosting services, you will always seem to be in awe with them.

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