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Raghwendra Web Services is one of the leading custom ecommerce site and mobile app development company from Delhi, India. If you are staring to make an ecommerce website & mobile apps at competitive prices then our developed ecommerce solutions can be your right choice. We are the one of best eCommerce website development company in Delhi India

Our ecommerce solution is quite easy to use and boasts of having a search engine friendly interface which can help develop dynamic and secure Ecommerce websites and mobile application. The web online store developed with our ecommerce platform are quite easily accessible on a variety of mobile devices like Android smartphones, iphones and Ipads as well.

You will get your own custom online shopping website that is fully functional e-commerce solution at a much-reduced cost. While working on our ecommerce framework, it becomes easy to add the categories, product, banners & other content for mobile and web differently and make the website & apps user-friendly. The users do not have to face any issues while shopping online if the website is built in our ecommerce platform.


Why Choose RWS Custom Ecommerce Development Services?


  • Hassle-free management eCom solution
  • Customize solution for selling online 
  • Integrated online payment gateway Ccavenue, Payu
  • Automated End to End Solution
  • View, edit and organise your shipments from your eCom back office
  • Keep customers up-to-date on the status on their order with shipment tracking codes or via multiple SMS
  • Cost Effective
  • Login based Data Security
  • One Stop Solutions for complete eCom
  • Save time with shipping integrations like Ship rocket
  • Open source code to extended the features
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Lightspeed eCom solution
  • Industries in which we deploy our eCom : Cloths, Jewellery, e-Book Notes sale online, Grocery online, Market Report selling online, Art Gallery(without payment gateway) etc.

Major Ecommerce Custom Development Features at a Glance

Our custom ecommerce solutions have the following features:

1.    Custom Layout:  
a.    Never re-sale old customer theme to other. In our each ecommerce project we design 6 front-end  templates  
i.    Home Page  
ii.    Listing Product  
iii.    Product Details Page  
iv.    Cart  
v.    Checkout  
vi.    My account

b.    Theme development on bootstrap to keep responsive theme and compatible with other devices such as tablet, mobile  
c.    The other pages will be based on home page color combination / look and feel.  
2.    Manage Product Catalog  
a.    Unlimited categories  
b.    Unlimited products  
i.    Managing product with attribute like multiple colour, size, weight, pcs. etc.  
ii.    Product In-Stock, Out-Stock, Pre-Order  
iii.    Price : Regular Price & Selling Price  
iv.    Brand Name  
v.    Multiple image for single product with zoom functionality  
c.    New, Hot Offer, Bestselling, featured product option  
d.    Product by manufacturer  
e.    GST setup for each or global products.  
3.    Import/Export Product  
a.    Bulk Import / Export Categories  
b.    Product bulk Import / Export  
c.    Bulk product price update  
d.    Import manufacturer  
4.    Filter products for customer  
a.    By Price  
b.    By Discount  
c.    By Color  
d.    By Brand  
e.    By Size  
5.    Customer Management  
a.    Front-End Major features for customer  
i.    Add to cart the product  
ii.    Cart update quantity, remove products  
iii.    Add discount coupon  
iv.    Login / Register to the customer  
v.    Customer checkout  
vi.    Guest Checkout  
vii.    Online payment via ccavenue  
viii.    Old order history  
ix.    Change password  
x.    Cancel/Return Product: Take bank account details of customer for online paid.  
xi.    Track Order/SMS notifications  
xii.    Product Review by customer  
b.    Admin: Admin will be able to view customer, setup their status, communicate to customer etc.

6.    Manage Order  
a.    Administrator can manage orders for smooth delivery to customers  
By order status. We have currently following order status  
•    Pending  
•    Accepted & Processing  
•    Packaged  
•    In Transit  
•    Delivered  
•    Failed  
•    Cancellation in Process  
•    Return in Process  
•    Return Accepted  
•    Cancel Accepted  
•    Cancellation Resolved  
•    Return Resolved

b.    On each admin status change customer notify via email and sms  
c.    Process order  
d.    List of failed order  
e.    Print Invoice  
f.    GST invoice will be print.  
7.    Manage Reports  
a.    Reports by date for all orders  
b.    Export orders in excel for offline process  
c.    Low stock products  
d.    Ship rocket excel export for managing product delivery  
8.    Admin User Management: Multiple admin user based on role of such as super admin, catalos manager, report manager, etc.  
9.    Content Pages: Providing dynamic content  pages add/modify/delete such as FAQs, Orders & Delivery, & Payment Options etc  
10.    SEO friendly  
a.    The categories, product catalog and content pages will able to add/modify meta data  
b.    SEO friendly URL for categories and producs  
11.    Admin User Management  
a.    Theme development on bootstrap to keep responsive theme and compatible with other devices such as tablet, mobile  
b.    The other pages will be based on home page color combination / look and feel.  
12.     Other Settings : Able to set other multiple variables  
a.    Store Name, Logo, Address  
b.    Store multiple email  
c.    SEO details for home page  
d.    Manage banners on multiple sizes  
13.     3 months free support



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