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The Trendy News of Magento & eCommerce website design world

magento-ecommerce-developmentDo you have the latest information regarding the world of Magento and eCommerce website design? If not, then just read this post as we’ll discuss the hottest news of these worlds.

Magento 2.1 Website Development:

There are many reasons for which Magento is always a preferred option for eCommerce website services. And this time, its upgrade has given us more features which are beyond our expectation. Efficient developers’ team has upgraded Magento from 1.x to 2.x, the Enterprise Edition that provides lots of features that are useful for both consumers and retailers for using the eCommerce websites. The features are as follows:

  1. Staging & Preview:

This feature enables scheduling and previewing updates to products, details, categories, and promotions. A new timeline dashboard is involved with it which helps you see what is going to happen on your site so that you can record the entire sales procedure and measure its effect later.

  1. Elastic Search:

This feature makes sure high-quality search results and it allows you to set up, scale and manage easily. It delivers better search results by supporting 33 languages, enabling to set your own stop words, attribute weighting, and synonyms.

  1. PayPal improvements:

This is for the up-to-date checkout which includes the application of PayPal In-context checkout so that the clients don’t need to leave your website for using PayPal. It also helps you store credit card data safely.

  1. Business management tools:

These are easy-to-use and automatic for simplifying the procedure for the retailers. Using drag-and-drop tools, now retailers can customise and save admin views for fast availability to clients, products and other data.

So, upgrade your  Magento website / portal from 1.x to 2.x today to get these lucrative features.

eCommerce design:

Now you can search products using your smartphone’s camera with the help of Pinterest. Pinterest will roll out an enhanced visual search button feature which will let you perform a visual search intuitively for every product in your camera’s frame. You can use this feature for finding the furniture, clothes, a person and more.

Pinterest could be driven closer to its rivals by this feature’s launch. It reduces many steps a promising client would generally encounter. Rather than a long search procedure, it corresponds with the shift to micro moments, and marketers accepting map making rather than storytelling. The fact that people are busy and unnecessary don’t research every product they purchase is being monetised by Pinterest. The new Shopping Cart feature, available globally to the active user accounts, will also take part in improving the whole commerce experience.

Amazon recently confirmed about the expansion of the Dash button program. Dash buttons are the small devices which enable clients in order placing on particular items. Each button is particular to an individual firm. Now you can receive up to 150 individual buttons from the likes of Lavazza, Red Bull, Play-Doh, Schwarzkopf and so forth, which will make your shopping hassle-free.

These are all hottest news regarding Magento and eCommerce. So, which feature is making you more excited? Share with us.

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  1. I believe that Magento 2.X comes with lots of amazing features that developers are still trying figure out. Though, Magento 2 really helps retailers to grow their online business more efficiently. Thanks for sharing this useful news regarding Magento and eCommerce with us.

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