90 minutes work + 15 minutes break = Productivity

stressIf anyone ask you to work for let’s say 4 hours continuously, you probably won’t go for it. Because it’s not about working for 4 hours, it’s about maintaining the continuity till that time. And we can lose our efficiency if we think of doing it. This is something you can’t expect from humans as they are not machines.

As a Freelance Web Developer if you are working for too long without stopping, it can result in completion of the task but it will not guarantee your work’s productivity. Talking about productivity, it can only come when your brain is not stressed and you are not feeling fatigue at the same time. If you’re stressed then you may lose your focus, or your brain may trigger some negative thoughts, or maybe you find tough controlling your senses.

Remember it’s not about how much time you spend working each day. It’s always about how efficient you are in solving problems. Being an Employed IT Professional if you are rested and rejuvenated, you can create a solution to your problems in shorter period of time.

In 8-9 hours of working per day, you need to take breaks in-between otherwise we won’t be able to perform well in your office, or you may feel less energetic which result in degradation of the motivational level. To stay stress free follow a simple rule – 90min work then 15min rest. By doing so, you not only give your 100% but also throughout the day you will not feel exhausted.

Rest is important as far as today’s era is concerned as people are more inclined towards finishing their task no matter how much time it takes to do it. Stop thinking that you are too busy to take breaks as a Web Designer; they are meant to re-energize your mind. Rest will make you happier, replenish attention, encourage creativity and will solidify memories.

Brain muscles like every muscle tires from repeated stress. As an Employed worker skipping breaks can lead to symptoms such as eyestrain, headaches and lower back pain. So try not to avoid breaks when you feel lazy and when you don’t want to work anymore at that particular moment. Early breaks will reboot your cognitive energy to solve big problems. It gives you more motivation to return to work and it allows you to concentrate better even if you are dealing with your assignment’s burden. It has been proven that office workers who take short frequent breaks can perform well. There are various other benefits too that will help you understand how much it is necessary like:-

  • Improves Flexibility– Sitting in an upright position for too long time can affect your spine. If you take rest at regular intervals, this stiffness in your body won’t occur.
  • It leaves you refreshed– Short naps or breaks will not take your morale down and you always feel refresh. It’s good for the brain as it gets time to relax and during that phase it reboots itself with energy.

Now the question is how to take breaks at work? Now we will help you make out some time from your busy schedule to boost your mood when the day is becoming hectic for you. So here are some tips regarding how to do it:-

  • Find time for break
  1. Schedule your break– It is beneficial for your health. Try to include it in your calendar or to-do list so that you don’t skip it. By doing so you are more likely to make a habit of it.
  2. Set a timer– If you indulge in a very important project of yours, it happens that you forget to take some rest. In that situation Technology will help you out by reminding you that it’s your relaxing time. So do set an alarm.
  3. Find a break buddy-Enlist one friend who can accompany with while you are on a short break. Walk with him to the cafeteria to have some tea or walk around the office block with him. Socializing is the best way to refresh your brain.
  • Choosing the best break
  1. Find a suitable time– Try to look for that time when you actually need some refreshments or when you need to relax a bit. Just because others are taking early morning breaks, it doesn’t mean you should also do that. You can take it in the afternoon (any time around 2pm).
  2. Take mental breaks-You need to stay away from work while relaxing in order to reset your mind. Walk away from your computer and try to avoid phone during that phase. To have some mental clarity and stability just close your eyes and take deep breaths.

So these are some of the positive effects for taking rest in between your busy office schedule.  In case of any kind of stress at workplace is harmful for your health and not beneficial for long run. Try to have some nap in between your work to experience the real sense of being energetic at office.


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