6 Best Practices to design micro website in 2019

Would you like to design micro website for promoting your business, brand or products in 2019? Want to know the best practices for designing microsite?

A microsite is a sub-site that may contain an individual webpage or a group of webpages to provide a support to a primary website. Microsites usually design for a single time-limited campaign, and delivers more focused, relevant content about a specific topic or to a targeted audience.

Sometime organization create microsites for targeting new markets, focus on niche audiences, target visitor from specific geographical location.

Some of the Best Practices for Microsites are:

  1. Decide the Perfect Size of your microsite:
    • Size of your microsites will depend on your resources and budget
    • It’s a one-page website for pay-per-click campaign that links back to the parent site
  2. Domain Name for your Microsite:
    • Consider a thoughtful domain name for your microsite
    • You may also consider sub-domain or sub-folders
  3. Make its own piece of content, social media and email addresses:
    • Make your site informative
    • Your end goal should be to get more clicks over the parent website
    • Use Google Analytics and Google tag Manager to record clicks
  4. Link back your Microsite to the Parent website (or do not)
    • Make text links back to the parent site to make a tie
    • Sometimes, strategically uncoupling from the parent brand can be just as effective
  5. Optimizing your Microsite to get More Clicks to the Parent Site:
    • Create engaging content
    • Put topic-specific keywords in body and metadata
  6. Promote your Microsite:
    1. Use internal email list
    2. Put pay-per-click advertising campaigns
    3. Write industry-relevant blogs

There were some of the points to have in mind while you’re designing a microsite to get you the right audiences by earning more and more search engine rankings.


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