What is web design?

In world of internet, everything has become online. In fact, internet has changed the way people are looking out for information and marketing their products and services among masses. Since more and more people are turning towards websites, the web designing world is experiencing several changes and is considered the most happening field in IT industry.

A web design includes everything about your website right from the content part, how it looks and in what manner it works. It includes a process of how to conceptualize, plan and build a collection of electronic files determining the layout of website, colors to be used in website, text styles, structure, graphics, images as well as use of interactive media so as to deliver pages before your website visitors.

In this digital world, the websites emerge as a crucial tool so as to help the companies tap the potential customers even though they are located remotely. With a good website designed appropriately, one can establish corporate identity as well as a medium of communication among audience at large.

The following technologies are used during designing web pages:-

  1. Markup languages like HTML, XHTML and XML
  2. Style sheet languages like CSS and XSL
  3. Database technologies like MySQL and MSSQL
  4. Client side scripting like Java script and VB Script
  5. Multimedia technologies like Silverlight and Flash
  6. Server side scripting like PHP and ASP

Thus, getting a professional website design is important to convey your message to viewers and also rank top among search engine results.