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HOW TO LEAD A LUXURIOUS life? 10 small steps.

10 steps happy and luxurious lifeIs it easy to lead a luxurious life than you think? A little change in your normal routine can change your regular life style. Though there is moderately high maintenance required while you want to lead a luxurious life. You need to put off and shove off those daily routine chores that will make your life dull and boring. Here are some tips and some guidelines that will help you lead a better than normal life.

  1. Change your regular schedule – Delete one thing from your daily schedule this month that you are not too interested to do. You can replace it with something that brings you joy and happiness. There are umpteen numbers of such things that you can do once or twice a month that can make you happy. If you are free, you can have a spa day at least once a month. This will surely detoxify you and your body and will bring calmness and relaxation within you. Do something which you wanted to do but you didn’t have time for. Do something for your self, take out time once a month atleast for yourself. This is called taking out some “me time.” 
  2. Do what you feel like – taking out some “me time” is very essential else you will go crazy. Take out time to do what you like. Join some hobby courses; these will bring changes in your regular and mundane routine. Try out something new that you haven’t done before. You can also join yoga classes or GYM. This is the best stress buster.
  3. Go out with your friends for some shopping – shopping is the most relaxing thing that a woman can do. It has been rightly said that shopping is therapeutic. It relaxes your inner mind and brings peace within. Shopping at least once a month is not bad too. Commit your day to less complicated works. Do what you love like visiting your friends or relatives. Go out and watch a movie with your friends.
  4. Take your children for a casual walk – spend time with your children and leave office on time. If you’re a working female and get less of time to spend with your kids, do so whenever you get time. Your children are your life. It is very essential to give them time at the end of the day. Whether a kid or a grown up child, it is your duty to spend time with them at least on weekends. Plan a movie show with your children. Take them off to some park or just for a walk.
  5. Become tech free – one day every month should be spent tech free – without your laptop. Obviously you cannot do without your mobile phone. Give yourself the time and space to clear your mind and live in the moment.
  6. Focus on healthy life – leading a healthy lifestyle is itself a luxurious living. Try to live freely without any tantrums or without any rules and regulations in your life. This step is often ignored while you are speaking about leading life with luxury. Fill your life with healthy food, good and positive habits. Try leading a toxic free life style.
  7. Learn a new skill – if you have time, try learning various skills. Is there something that you always wanted to do or learn? Now is the time. Join various courses that will give you ample of time for your self, which you normally do not get. Google out something creative that will add to your skill.
  8. Indulge yourself in a spa – take out time from your hectic schedule and indulge in a relaxing spa. Spa rejuvenates your body, soul and mind.
  9. Enjoy a weekend with your kids – take your kids out for some picnic or resort or any park. Children also want some time from you so that you can involve in activities with them. They enjoy time spent with you.
  10. Go out for dinners with family – end of the from a hectic work schedule calls for a family outing and a dinner with your loved ones. Go and enjoy with them over a lovely dinner.

Lastly, you should focus on healthy living and creating a better living standard.  A healthy lifestyle is a luxury lifestyle. Living a healthy, toxic free life is a simple but often ignored step to increase the luxury in your life. When you fill your life with healthy food, positive habits and a toxic free home your life will quickly change for the better.