10 Online Website Builder that helps in Creating Your Free Business Website Today

The very basic to succeeding in a business is being present online and by this, we mean a website. Your website will be your identity online. β€˜Do you have a business or portfolio website?’ is one of the first questions that clients will come to you with and responding to it with a β€˜NO’ will be disappointing. However, starters are afraid of investing a lot in a website and you don’t essentially need to. Here are the top 10 online applications which could help you with creating your free website today:
1. Wix – A cloud based platform for web development, Wix uses online drag and drop tools to create HTML 5 and mobile websites. Functionalities such as contact forms, plug-ins, email marketing, ecommerce and the like are given to users. Applications offered are either developed by Wix or by third parties.
2. Shopify – Shopfy develops software for online stores and retail POS systems. It allows users to set up complete online stores by organising their products, customising the site, accepting payments through credit card, tracking orders, etc.
3. Jimdo – Jimdo offers a number of web hosting services of which Jimdo Free is the free one. Websites created using this service are available under a sub domain name. Users can create a free online store by listing a maximum of 5 items.
4. Yola – A web hosting and website building company, Yola targets even those who have no idea about programming and web designing. Users can use their drag and drop options to create the website without the need to know anything about HTML.
5. Weebly – Another drag and drop website building service, Weebly operates using simple widgets. Its biggest advantage to clients is the immediate creation of a mobile website too. Storage space is unlimited – restrictions exist on file sizes.
6. WordPress – An open source content management system, WordPress is free and is based on MySQL and PHP. The application is installed on a web server which could be a network host or an Internet hosting service part. A recent research shows that 26.4% of the top 10 billion businesses use WordPress for their website.
7. IM Creator – A drag and drop site creator, this one provides 50 MB storage and a second level domain name. Their website templates are updated on a regular basis enabling users to incorporate new designs every month.
8. SiteBuilder – Comparatively new in the field, Site Builder too offers beautiful websites with attractive and organised web templates. Domain names are free but offered on sub domain. Clients are permitted to create more than one free website.
9. WebNode – WebNode offers free online stores and personal websites. Bandwidth offered is 1 GB and storage space for online stores is 10MB and that for personal websites is 100 MB.
10. Webs – Webs permits the creation of a free website with ads and a free mobile website with ads. Limitations include 500 MB bandwidth and 40 MB of storage space. Those wanting to create an online store have to limit the number of items to 5.


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