SEO Mistakes to be kept in mind: Google hates 18 types of Backlinks

It is always an attempt to improve the websites SEO with whatever condition. Backlinks are nothing but a link which one website gets from another, making the website more prone to prominence and availability on the search engine result. As a result backlinks play an important role in enhancing the websites SEO ranking. Certain things should be kept in mind about backlinks including the reference to links which are spam in nature, which may lead Google to enforce penalty.


List of SEO Mistakes to keep in mind to avoid penalty

  1. Link exchange program
    Link exchanging is nothing but a mutual relationship between two websites fetching more number of visitors on a daily basis. It includes placing another sites link on one’s own website or link page and in return getting the favor back. Webmaster indulged itself in doing a certain amount of link exchanging which was eventually penalized by Google making it suspicious about the increasing number of backlinks on innumerable websites.
  2. Blog network backlinks
    Google has been penalizing websites and also blog networks comprising such spam backlinks since 2012, which has been repeatedly mentioned by Matt Cuts. The repeated appearance of backlinks in your website from blog network would assure the site to be more prone to Google penalty.
  3. Report against widget backlinks
    Following widget backlinks is against Google prospectus and guidelines, hence Google prescribes a non-recommendation to such backlinks which may further result to being penalized.  Actions against various important websites have been taken for using widget backlinks for mere promotion of their websites. A choice of one’s own should be taken into account while trying to promote a plugin or a badge on another’s website.
  4. Advertorials or sponsored articles
    Google considers sponsored articles or accepting such posts on the website including a do follow backlink as violating the regulations of Google which must be avoided. Google has severely penalized many important websites for adaptingadvertorials as a link building method.
  5. Enforced paid backlinks
    There lies a strange relationship between webmaster and Google where webmaster is always in the urge to improve the standard of backlinks to give the site a better ranking and on the other hand Google is always ready to segregate the good from the ordinary. Whether the topic of discussion is text links or image links, Google doesn’t want to pay page rank with the links which are paid and recommends it as a link which is not ought to be followed.
  6. Baseless article backlinks
    Some websites consists of content’s which provides no real value to the user and henceforth Google devalued them. These websites mainly consists of numerous articles of the very same topic following a do follow link at the bottom with no actual fruit inside it. Google considers these websites to be banned.
  7. Hacking other websites and hiding links
    If one tries to hack some other website with the motive of entitling ones backlink in the other website is a matter to be taken into considered and eventually penalizing that very hacking website which just upturns the guidelines of Google. Hence one should always be transparent in the existence of its very own backlink on its own website or in some other websites.
  8. Marginal or footer backlinks
    It is obvious to find backlinks from sidebars or footers which appears on the websites opened page, resulting into irrelevant links and a violating way to build backlinks.
  9. Over optimized anchor texts
    Anchor texts are merely word which are visibly clickable on the hyperlink but whose excessive use may cause the website a mundane exposure. The repetitive use of anchor texts in a backlink would undoubtedly make the link more likely to be penalized by the algorithm taken into account and may also give an unnatural look the website and the backlink involved
  10. Backlinks from foreign language websites
    Using backlinks tinged with foreign language influence makes the website utterly mismanaged and prone to irrelevancy. Why use Russian influences in an Indian website? This confusing factor may arise a feeling of suspicion in Google which may result in a severe penalty.
  11. Low quality guest blogging
    Guest post or guest blogging has always remained a topic of  considerationunderlining the importance of quality guest blogging and the botheration of posts which is considered to be spam by nature against which action is to be taken eventually.
  12. Automatically generated backlinks
    There are certain backlinks which are automatically generated and may drive one into serious penalty in days. It is advisable to stay away from backlinks generated by bolts, for instance comments, forum posts and others.
  13. Low quality web directories
    Directories were considered important previously for the development of a website and giving it a good rank in the search engine but now it has lost relevancy and importance irrespective of it being free or paid. One may focus on submitting the website on the most popular directories such as DMAZ or Yahoo.
  14. Backlinks from bookmarking websites
    Just as some other techniques used automatically, websites which users can use to place one’s personal bookmark is considered to be non-acceptable by Google for SEO purposes.
  15. Irrelevant backlinks
    It is very important to incorporate relevancy between a website and backlinks used. It is of immense importance to maintain a visible similarity and coordination between the website and the backlink used to rate it high. Google algorithm will take no time to estimate the irrelevancy between the former and the latter , hence maintaining a proper balance is very important.
  16. Backlinks from websites with duplicated content
    It is of no use but mere tie waste to copy backlinks from other websites and assuring its very individuality. This method ultimately fetches you nothing but a content as well as a backlink that is not your original but duplicate in nature and furthermoreenforcing the website to stooplower than the others in rank.
  17. Low quality backlinks
    An important aspect to be kept in mind is the importance of quality over the importance of quantity. It is always an advantage to put up something which is good in quality. Backlinks of petty quality is unlikely to fetch your website to a higher rank. The harder the work you put in the harder is the result you get. Hence to incorporate a high quality backline is of immense importance and backlinks such as forum profiles, free directories, wiki pages, and many other are more likely to violate Google’s webmaster policy.
  18. Link purposely trying to manipulate page rank
    Google is against any kind of backlink which holds the intension of affecting its rank in the search engine ranking. It simply means that with link building, its exploding footprints must be avoided and indulgence into any kind of link schemes violating there guidelines would be penalized

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