Joomla – A most powerful CMS applications

What is the Joomla?

joomlaJoomla is a powerful online CMS (Content Management System) website application. Joomla is developed by using PHP(HyperTextPreporcessor) programming language and MySQL database. To develop a Joomla website , there is no need of any technical skill. Joomla is easily installed on web server Apache and IIS (Internet Information Server). Every front-end web content can be managed through the admin panel of Joomla. Joomla core features are User Management, Media Management, Navigation Menu Management, Article Management and so on.
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Why Joomla is popular?

Joomla is an open source; there fore the cost of website development in Joomla is very low. These days a lot of people like and use Joomla because of its reliability, low development cost and easy to manage content.

What is the advantage?
The advantages of using Joomla are as given below:-
– It is free online website application.
– Easy to install
– Easy to manage the content and update the website
– Most reliable
– No prior technical knowledge to create a website
– Time saving

Who use Joomla?

Joomla is used across the world for personal home page and complex website application. The followings are some of the sectors which use this award winning CMS solutions.
Corporate websites or portals
Online ecommerce
Real Estate Agent Websites
Hotel and Tourism websites
Small business websites
Non-profit and organizational websites
Government applications
Corporate intranets and extranets
School and church websites
Personal or family homepages
Community-based portals
Magazines and newspapers

What is the meaning of extensions, module, plugin, component and template?

Template: Template is used to change the look and feel of the website. It has two types. The first is for front-end and the second is for administrator panel.

Extension: An extension is a small application or package that extends the functionality of Joomla website. Extensions are both free and paid. Joomla features can be extended using three techniques i.e. Component, Modules and Plug ins.

Component: It is kind of Joomla extension. It can be easily installed by the administrator control panel of Joomla. Some important available components for Joomla are communities, event, and photo gallery management etc.

Module: It can be managed through the Joomla admin panel by the module manager. Mainly it is visible as “boxes”. By these Joomla extensions, you can place your content at any position of your Joomla template. Each module can be added to Module Position.

Plugin: Plugin is also a kind of extension. Plugins extends the final output of the website content. It enhances the data of content. You can install the plugin from the install manager and manage it from the plugin manager. Plugins render at runtime when module or component through the output.

You can develop your own Extensions (component/module/plugins) as per your requirements. For developing the extensions you should have knowledge of PHP programming and MySQL database Also you have previous experience on MVC framework, and object oriented programming for Joomla 1.5 version.


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