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Brief - Ensuring that a low cost yet well maintained ecommerce website is up for meeting online grocery shopping needs is the reason why we have developed Being a search engine friendly and social media friendly website, the visitors can easily find it on Google search engine results pages. The feature of browser compatibility works wonderfully by allowing the website open up on all browsers in the least possible time. Adding new products and managing stock level is possible in a quick manner. A person with basic knowledge of computer skills can easily operate the website.

Choice of Ecommerce Package - Custom PHP/MySql application using jquery has been chosen as a framework to reduce the unwanted costs involved in creating and maintaining the site. This ecommerce website is quite a fully featured site which allows maximum possible expansion facility in terms of adding new products at regular intervals of time.

Outline - Gropper, a fully responsive website has an integrated payment gateway accepting credit card payments. Payu and single page checkout are some of the offbeat features that have been configured during development of the website. The built-in feature to update the website on day-to-day basis for process ordering makes a part of comprehensive administration system. The hosted and managing maintenance are teamed up together to give an excellent outlook to the website.

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